TQD20-4403 40T Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack Altertool

Factory Direct Supply Truck Repair Lift Jacks 40 Ton Pneumatic Air Hydraulic Jack For Sale
  • Capactity:40T/80T
  • Product length:800mm
  • Air pressure;0.8-1.2MPa
  • Mininum height:210mm
  • Lift height:410mm
  • Extension height:40/75mm
  • Rated pressure:31.2MPa
  • Handle size:145*30*17CM
  • Package:1pc/wooden case
  • Packing size:84*35*26CM


  • High Capacity: The jack comes in two options, with a capacity of 40T or 80T, providing excellent lifting power for heavy-duty applications.
  • Compact Design: With a product length of 800mm, the jack is designed to be compact and easy to transport, making it suitable for use in various locations.
  • Adjustable Air Pressure: The jack operates on air pressure ranging from 0.8 to 1.2MPa, allowing for precise control and efficient lifting operations.
  • Versatile Lifting Range: The jack offers a minimum height of 210mm, a lift height of 410mm, and an extension height of 40/75mm, providing flexibility to accommodate different lifting requirements.



Self-returningdesign for safety


Filters airbornemagazines and moisture


Filters airbornemagazines and moisture

What are the available capacities for the Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack?

The jack is available in two capacities: 40T and 80T. You can choose the capacity based on your specific lifting requirements.

What is the range of air pressure required for operation?

The jack operates effectively with an air pressure ranging from 0.8 to 1.2MPa. It is important to ensure that the air pressure remains within this specified range for optimal performance.

What are the minimum and maximum lifting heights of the jack?

The Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack has a minimum height of 210mm and a lift height of 410mm. Additionally, it offers an extension height of either 40mm or 75mm, depending on your specific needs.

What is the rated pressure of the jack?

The jack has a rated pressure of 31.2MPa, ensuring reliable and consistent lifting performance even under heavy loads.

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