TQD20-1501 25T Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Air Floor Jack 25 Ton Pneumatic Hydraulic Air Bottle Jack Car Hydraulic Jack Lift Factory Direct Supply
  • Min.Height:195mm
  • Max.Height:370mm
  • Lifting.H:175mm
  • Packing:1pc/2ctns
  • Packing size:1#90*32*13cm 2#71*31*28cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:280pcs





● Commercial Grade:Heavy Duty steel construction with sturdy handle and chrome plated ram, makes payload capability ups to over 25 ton. Sprayed paint to resist rust & corrosion, adds extra durability. Suitable for home or business applications.
● Lengthened Handle :46″ long handle with air controls saves effort, makes it easy to position most vehicles. Adjustable angle from 90-180 degree. One handle operating setting, easy to use. One pull of the handle activates the self-retracting 22-ton capacity ram. Includes handle lock lever.
● Industrial Quality X-Large Rubber Tires: 2 large hard rubber tires on steel wheels, well absorb shock, resist wear and skid. Wheel diameter 8″
● It is for repairing trucks, trailers, buses and other heavy duty equipment.
● Support OEM and ODM, as well as all kinds of offline stores or e-commerce sellers to order.
●Please note: The low price marked by the product is a customized style provided to other customers for bulk procurement. The design is the same, but many parts and specification are different.

Product Details


It features the swivel saddle that provides you with the easy jack positioning and user safety. Its heavy-duty steel construction also provides you the safe use and long-term durability.

Protect the machine

Provides you with the easy jack positioning and user safety. Its heavy-duty steel construction also provides you the safe use and long-term durability.

Lightweight to carry

Fast Lift to the Jacking Point, capacity service jack that features the unique design of fast list technology to fast lift to the jacking point with no load.

How to use a pneumatic hydraulic car jack to lift a vehicle?

First make sure the base of the jack is placed smoothly on the ground, then operate the pump or handle according to the jack’s operating manual to gradually lift the vehicle to the required height. During lifting, make sure the vehicle’s center of gravity is stable to avoid accidents.

Under what circumstances does it need to replace the hydraulic oil of a pneumatic hydraulic car jack?

Hydraulic oil should be changed regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually every 12 to 18 months. In addition, if you find signs of contamination or deterioration in the hydraulic oil, it needs to be replaced immediately.

How to ensure safety when using a pneumatic and hydraulic car jack?

First, make sure that the lifting capacity of the jack is sufficient to support the required weight, and follow the instructions in the operator’s manual when using it. Also, always make sure your vehicle is parked during work and use safety supports to ensure work safety.

What aspects should be paid attention to in the maintenance of pneumatic and hydraulic car jacks?

Maintenance includes regularly checking the status of the hydraulic oil, cleaning the jack surface, and checking the wear degree of the piston rod and seals. Also, lubricate the piston rod regularly to ensure smooth operation.

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