TLJA7-2314 4T Wire Cable Hand Puller

ALTERTOOL Hot Sale 4T Wire Cable Hand Puller With Double Gear Double Hook
  • Warranty:3 years
  • Cable Dia/Length:4.5*2.5M
  • Packing:4pcs/ctn
  • Packing size:71*21*29cm
  • MOQ:50pcs
  • Color:Customized
  • Materials:Heavy Duty Steels


●Heavy duty steel construction.

●Heavy duty steel construction.

●3 hooks&2 gear design.

●Forged steel zinc hook&gear.

●Thumb control release.

●Dual ratcheting system for heavy duty loads.

●Pulling capacity:4 ton.

●100% brand new

Product Details

Willow type thickened handle

The handle is made of willow design, and the anti-slip treatment is comfortable and non-sloppy, which is suitable for long-term operation

Forged hooks

The wire tightener hook is made of thickened card embedded forging, and the operation is stable and does not fall off, and the service life is long

Anti-reverse brake buckle

The wire tensioner is designed with an anti-reverse brake buckle to prevent the ratchet reversal of the wire tensioner during use, so you can use it with confidence

High-strength forging

The wire tensioner is forged from high-strength A3 steel and is equipped with a density gear, which is safe to use

What occasions is 4T Wire Cable Hand Puller suitable for?

4T Wire Cable Hand Puller is suitable for a variety of applications, including outdoor camping, agricultural work, building construction, and industrial fields. It can be used for tasks such as pulling, pulling, and fastening.

What is the load capacity of this tensioner?

The carrying capacity of the 4T Wire Cable Hand Puller is 4ton, This allows it to cope with most small to medium-sized rally tasks.

How does 4T Wire Cable Hand Puller work?

It’s very easy to use the 4T Wire Cable Hand Puller. First, attach the hook or chain of the puller to the object you want to pull. Then, the force is exerted by the operation of the handle to make the object start moving. During pulling, make sure to maintain a steady and moderate amount of force to avoid damage or accidents.

Does this tensioner have safety features?

Yes, the 4T Wire Cable Hand Puller has a safety lock mechanism to ensure that there will be no sudden slipping or loosening during use. This helps to provide a safer operating environment.

What is the material of this tensile device? Is it durable?

4T Wire Cable Hand Puller is manufactured with high-quality materials with good durability and corrosion resistance. It is designed to withstand a wide range of stresses and is able to be used for long periods of time without damage or failure.

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