TLD71-5310 10T Welding Bottle Jack

TLD71-5110 Most Popular 10Ton Hydraulic Welding Bottle Jack Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack For Car Lifting
  • Min.Height:230mm
  • Lifting Height:166mm
  • Adjust.Heigh:60mm
  • Max.Height:456mm
  • Packing size:29.5*27.5*22cm


  • The 10t hydraulic jack is designed with a load capacity of 10tons and is suitable for most light and medium trucks, as well as heavy objects in general industrial applications. It has higher load-bearing capacity and wider application range.
  • This hydraulic jack has a large lifting height range, can provide sufficient vertical lifting, and usually has an adjustable height function to adapt to different lifting requirements.
  • The product design is stable, providing stable support and ensuring that the lifted object remains balanced in height. Especially for heavy lifting work, stability is particularly important.
  • The operation is simple. You can lift and lower heavy objects by manually operating the handle or rotating the adjusting screw. It is easy to use. Some models may also be equipped with anti-slip handles to improve operating comfort and safety.
  • 10t hydraulic jacks are usually made of high-strength alloy steel, which has a long service life and can withstand repeated use and harsh working conditions. At the same time, products may also be treated with anti-corrosion treatments to increase the durability of the product.
  • The product design takes safety factors into consideration to ensure safe and reliable operation within the normal range of use. Some models may also be equipped with safety devices such as overload valves and safety valves to ensure safety during use.
  • 10t hydraulic jack is suitable for vehicle maintenance, construction machinery maintenance, construction sites and other fields, and is used to lift and support cars, machinery and equipment and other heavy objects. Plays an important role in application scenarios that require greater load-bearing capacity.

Product Details

Steel Construction

Engineered using a drop forged alloyed steel construction for quality and durability. Inner/outer welded structure delivers leak-free performance

Serrated Saddle

Serrated, heat treated steel saddle provides a generous lifting area and a secure grip

Glide-Action Pump

Features a high-quality, glide-action pressure pump designed to lift with minimal effort

How much weight can a 10t hydraulic jack bear?

The design load-bearing capacity of the 10t hydraulic jack is 10 tons, which can bear a maximum weight of 10 tons.

What types of vehicles can hydraulic jacks be used on?

10t hydraulic jacks are generally suitable for most cars, light trucks and general industrial applications, but for special vehicles or large machinery and equipment, a jack with a larger load-bearing capacity is required.

How to operate a 10t hydraulic jack correctly?

Please read the product manual carefully and follow the operating instructions before use. Generally speaking, it is necessary to place the bottom of the jack on a solid and stable foundation, ensure that the load-bearing point is in the appropriate position for lifting the object, and then lift and lower the weight by operating the handle or rotating the adjustment screw.

How to ensure safe use of hydraulic jacks?

When using a hydraulic jack, you need to ensure that you choose the appropriate load-bearing capacity and do not exceed its rated load-bearing range. Pay attention to stability during use and avoid sudden movements or impacts. At the same time, regularly check the hydraulic system and mechanical components of the jack to ensure their normal operation.

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