TLD71-5306 6T welding type bottle jack

Factory Direct Supply High Strength Welded Car Bottle Jack 6 Ton Capacity Car Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack for Cars
  • Min.Height:220mm
  • Lifting height:155mm
  • Adjusting height:60mm
  • Max.Height:435mm
  • Packing:1pc/color box, 5boxes/ctn
  • Packing size:565*135*205mm
  • Qty for 20’ft:6300pcs


The 6T welding jack is a commonly used lifting tool. It has many advantages such as high load-bearing capacity, strong and stable structure, and easy operation and maintenance. This article will introduce in detail the main features of the 6T welding jack.

1.High load-bearing capacity: The 6T welding jack has a load-bearing capacity of up to 6 tons. This means it can handle the lifting and supporting needs of medium to heavy objects with ease. Whether in the fields of automobile maintenance, machinery manufacturing or construction, 6T welding jacks can stably provide strong load-bearing capacity.

2.Sturdy and stable structure: The 6T welding jack uses welding technology to firmly connect the various components together to form a solid structure. This allows it to maintain excellent stability during the lifting process and is not prone to shaking or tilting. The stability of the structure not only improves work safety, but also ensures increased accuracy and precision in operations.

3.Flexibility and Portability: 6T welding jacks generally have a compact design and relatively small size. This makes it more flexible and convenient to use, and can adapt to working environments with narrow or limited spaces. In addition, the 6T welding jack is also very portable and easy to carry and move to different working locations.

4.Easy to operate and maintain: Using the 6T welding jack is very simple and intuitive. Simply place the jack under the object that needs to be lifted or supported and use the lifting rod to operate it. In addition, the maintenance of the 6T welding jack is relatively simple. Regularly checking key components for wear and keeping them clean and lubricated can extend the life of your jack.

5.High safety: The 6T welded jack has a strong and stable structure and is made of high-quality materials, which can ensure safety during work. In addition, be sure to pay attention to safety regulations when using, such as choosing a stable and solid floor, avoiding overloading, etc.

Summary: The 6T welding jack is a lifting tool with high load-bearing capacity, strong and stable structure, easy operation and maintenance, and high safety. It is a reliable tool widely used in various fields, providing an efficient solution for lifting and supporting medium to heavy objects. Whether in industries such as automobile repair, machinery manufacturing or construction, 6T welding jacks can play an important role and provide a safe and reliable working environment.

Product Details

Rotate screw up when height is not enough

With proper and regular maintenance, this hydraulic jack can be used for a long time without leaking

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