TLD71-5303 3T Welding Bottle Jack

TLD71-5303 Wholesale 3Ton Welding Hydraulic Bottle Jack By Factory Direct Supply
  • Min.Height:194mm
  • Lifting height:124mm
  • Adjusting height:50mm
  • Max.Height:368mm
  • Packing size:565*135*205mm


  • The 3t hydraulic jack is designed with a load capacity of 3 tons and is suitable for most cars, light trucks and general industrial applications.
  • This hydraulic jack has a large height range, which can provide sufficient lifting height, and usually has an adjustable height function to adapt to different lifting requirements.
  • The sturdy design of the product provides stable support and ensures that the lifted object remains balanced in height.
  • The operation is simple. You can lift and lower heavy objects by manually operating the handle or rotating the adjusting screw. It is easy to use.
  • 3t hydraulic jacks are typically manufactured from high-strength materials to have a long service life and to withstand repeated use and harsh working conditions.
  • The product design takes safety factors into consideration to ensure safe and reliable operation within the normal range of use.
  • 3t hydraulic jack is suitable for vehicle maintenance, construction machinery maintenance, construction sites and other fields, and is used to lift and support cars, machinery and equipment and other heavy objects.

Product Details

High Quality Paint

It is painted with red glossy anti-rust and corrosion-resistant paint, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. And because of this feature, it is also very easy for you to clean.

Stable Top Surface

Top touch surface of hydraulic bottle jack is kerb shape with good slip resistance and stability for supported objects with no compression

Automatic Safety Valve

Secure valve will automatically protect jack hydraulic system when overload.Keep Red bottle jacks from being damaged and keep you safe

What is the maximum load-bearing capacity of a 3t hydraulic bottle jack?

The maximum load-bearing capacity of a 3t hydraulic bottle jack is 3 tons.

How to use the 3t hydraulic bottle jack correctly?

Before use, please read the product manual carefully and follow the operating instructions. Make sure the jack is in a stable position and that the handle is used correctly to create hydraulic pressure. Pay attention to safety when using it and avoid exceeding the rated load-bearing capacity of the jack.

Does the 3t hydraulic bottle jack require maintenance?

Yes, regularly check the hydraulic system and mechanical components of the jack to ensure they are functioning properly. Hydraulic oil should also be changed regularly to maintain its performance.

Does the 3t hydraulic bottle jack have a warranty?

Most brands of jacks provide certain warranty services. The specific warranty period and content may vary depending on the brand and manufacturer. Please refer to the documentation provided with your purchase for more information.

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