TLD70-316 16T Hydraulic Bottle Jack

TLD70-316 High Quality 16 T Heavy Duty Hydraulic For Cars Hydraulic Bottle Jack with Safety Valve
  • Min.Height:225mm
  • Lifting Height:140mm
  • Adjust.Heigh:60mm
  • Max.Height:425mm
  • Packing size:32*17*25.5cm


  • The 16t hydraulic bottle jack is a mechanical lifting device that uses hydraulic pressure to lift heavy objects. Its load-bearing capacity is 16 tons, which is approximately 35,000 pounds. “Bottled” refers to the shape of the jack’s body, which is cylindrical and similar to a bottle.
  • When using a 16t hydraulic bottle jack, first place it under the object you want to lift. You then create hydraulic pressure by pumping the jack’s handle up and down, which is used to lift the object. To lower an object, you turn the release valve on the jack, allowing hydraulic pressure to flow back to the reservoir.
  • 16t hydraulic bottle jacks are commonly used in car repair shops, construction sites, warehouses and other places. Designed to be portable and easy to use, they are a must-have tool for anyone who needs to lift heavy objects.

Product Details

Multi-functional Use

The 16-ton hydraulic bottle jack, which is of a low profile, rugged all-steel construction. The enamel finish will make it a long lifetime for rust-free. The hardened, machined, and polished ram and plunger allow for smooth operation. It comes with a two-piece pump handle that makes for easy use in tight spaces and compact storage.

Stable Top Surface

Top touch surface of hydraulic bottle jack is kerb shape with good slip resistance and stability for supported objects with no compression

Automatic Safety Valve

Secure valve will automatically protect jack hydraulic system when overload.Keep Red bottle jacks from being damaged and keep you safe

What is the maximum lifting height of the 16t hydraulic bottle jack?

Typically, the maximum lifting height of a 16t hydraulic bottle jack is in centimeters or inches, depending on the manufacturer and model.

How to correctly operate a 16t hydraulic bottle jack?

Please read the product manual carefully before operation to ensure that the jack is positioned correctly and its handle is used correctly to create hydraulic pressure. Pay attention to safety when operating and avoid exceeding the rated load-bearing capacity of the jack.

Does the 16t hydraulic bottle jack require maintenance?

Yes, regularly check the hydraulic system and mechanical components of the jack to ensure they are functioning properly. Additionally, hydraulic oil needs to be changed regularly to maintain performance.

What occasions is the 16t hydraulic bottle jack suitable for?

This type of jack is usually used in car repairs, construction sites, warehouses and other situations where heavy objects need to be lifted.

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