TLD70-312 12T Hydraulic Bottle Jack

TLD70-312 High Quality CE Standard Hydraulic Bottle Jack Car 12 T Heavy Duty Hydraulic Car Bottle Jack for Automobile Vehicle Maintenance
  • Min.Height:215mm
  • Lifting Height:135mm
  • Adjust.Heigh:60mm
  • Max.Height:410mm
  • Packing size:58*16*23cm


  • 12 tons bottle jack with a strong forged iron saddle, lifting range 135mm, Min height 215mm; Adjust height: 60mm; Max height :410 mm
  • This series of bottle jacks are high quality products with CE certification, designed and manufactured according to EN1494 European standard, stable and reliable, strong rigidity, durable, long service life.
  • Jack is suitable for automobile, construction, industry and agriculture and other fields
  • Forged steel saddle, cast handle socket, strong bearing capacity, no deformation.
  • Stable oversized cast iron base, sufficient material to prevent dumping
  • Surface paint baking process, color can be customized, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, beautiful
  • This product is equipped with safety valve, it is safer to use
  • Support OEM and ODM, as well as all kinds of offline stores or e-commerce sellers order.

Product Details

Hydraulic Cylinder

One-piece molding with anti-rust coating

Piston Rod

Resistant to pressure with a sealing ring

Steel Construction

Engineered using a drop forged alloyed steel construction for quality and durability. Inner/outer welded structure delivers leak-free performance

What are the safety precautions for a 12t hydraulic roof?

When using a bottle jack, make sure the work area is flat and stable and avoid exceeding the jack’s load-bearing capacity. When lifting objects, make sure they are firmly supported and take appropriate safety measures, such as using supports. In addition, regularly check whether the hydraulic oil of the jack is sufficient and whether there is any leakage to ensure normal operation and safe use.

How to use 12T hydraulic roof correctly?

When using the 12T hydraulic roof, please ensure that the work area is flat and stable, and place the base under the object that needs to be lifted. Operate the hydraulic system through the handle or foot pedal to increase the hydraulic pressure and lift the object to the required height. After lifting, use a support frame or other means to secure the object to ensure safety.

What scenarios are the 12t hydraulic roof suitable for?

The 12-ton hydraulic roof is suitable for various scenarios, such as car maintenance, construction sites, ship maintenance, etc. They can be used to lift and support heavy vehicles, equipment and structures.

How to maintain and store 12T hydraulic jack?

Regularly check whether the hydraulic oil of the 12T hydraulic jack is sufficient and make sure there is no leakage. After use, clean the jack and store it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture and corrosion.

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