TLD69-2304 4T Hydraulic Bottle Jack

TLD69-2304 High Quality 4Ton Garage Hydraulic Bottle Jack Lift Hydraulic Car Jack Repair Tools
  • Min.Height:180mm
  • Lifting Height:110mm
  • Adjust.Heigh:50mm
  • Max.Height:340mm
  • Packing:1pc/color box, 5pcs/ctn
  • Packing size:57*13*20.5cm


  • Carrying Capacity: The 4-ton bottle jack is designed to carry up to 4 tons (approximately 3600 kg). This makes it ideal for handling heavier objects or vehicle repairs.
  • Structural features: Bottle jacks usually consist of a main frame and a height-adjustable hydraulic jack. The main frame provides a solid base of support, while the hydraulic jack provides lifting force via hydraulic principles and usually has a knob or handle to operate.
  • Adjustable height: The 4-ton bottle jack has an adjustable lifting height to adapt to working needs at different heights. The user can control the lifting height by operating the handle or knob on the jack.
  • Safety Features: High-quality 4-ton bottle jacks are usually equipped with overload protection to ensure use within the carrying capacity. In addition, some products may have additional safety features such as anti-slip mats, emergency release valves, etc. to provide greater safety.
  • Portability: 4-ton bottle jacks are typically compact in design, easy to carry and store, and suitable for mobile maintenance tasks.
  • Application areas: 4-ton bottle jacks are commonly used for automotive repair, vehicle lifting, light machinery maintenance, and general industrial applications. They are common tools in garages, auto repair shops, and manufacturing industries.

Product Details

Multi-functional Use

The 4-ton hydraulic bottle jack, which is of a low profile, rugged all-steel construction. The enamel finish will make it a long lifetime for rust-free. The hardened, machined, and polished ram and plunger allow for smooth operation. It comes with a two-piece pump handle that makes for easy use in tight spaces and compact storage.

Adjustable Height

With heat treated extension screws, this bottle jack allows to adjust the lifting height. The maximum lifting height is 340mm”, which will meet most people’s needs

Steel Construction

Engineered using a drop forged alloyed steel construction for quality and durability. Inner/outer welded structure delivers leak-free performance

What are the safety precautions for a 4t hydraulic roof?

When using a bottle jack, make sure the work area is flat and stable and avoid exceeding the jack’s load-bearing capacity. When lifting objects, make sure they are firmly supported and take appropriate safety measures, such as using supports. In addition, regularly check whether the hydraulic oil of the jack is sufficient and whether there is any leakage to ensure normal operation and safe use.

How to use 4T hydraulic roof correctly?

When using the 4T hydraulic roof, please ensure that the work area is flat and stable, and place the base under the object that needs to be lifted. Operate the hydraulic system through the handle or foot pedal to increase the hydraulic pressure and lift the object to the required height. After lifting, use a support frame or other means to secure the object to ensure safety.

What scenarios are the 4t hydraulic roof suitable for?

The 4-ton hydraulic roof is suitable for various scenarios, such as car maintenance, construction sites, ship maintenance, etc. They can be used to lift and support heavy vehicles, equipment and structures.

How to maintain and store 4T hydraulic jack?

Regularly check whether the hydraulic oil of the 4T hydraulic jack is sufficient and make sure there is no leakage. After use, clean the jack and store it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture and corrosion.

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