TLD69-1110 10T Hydraulic Bottle Jack

TLD69-1110 10 Ton (20,000 LBs) Hydraulic Car Bottle Jack for Auto Repair and House Lift
  • Min.Height:200mm
  • Lifting Height:115mm
  • Adjust.Heigh:60mm
  • Max.Height:375mm
  • Packing:1pc/color box, 5pcs/ctn
  • Packing size:67*15*22.5cm


This product is cheap, economical and practical

The grooved non-slip top and enlarged base ensure great stability and safety assurance.

This jack is suitable for automotive, construction, industrial and agricultural applications

Forged steel saddle and cast handle socket

The release oil return valve cannot fall back automatically without heavy objects.

The stable oversized cast iron base helps prevent tipping

Strong construction makes for a durable Lift

Support OEM and ODM, as well as all kinds of offline stores or e-commerce sellers to order.

Product Details

Steel Construction

Engineered using a drop forged alloyed steel construction for quality and durability. Inner/outer welded structure delivers leak-free performance

high quality

Direct supply from the manufacturer, reliable quality

What is a hydraulic jack?

A hydraulic jack is a tool that uses fluid force to provide lifting capabilities through hydraulic principles. It usually consists of a bottle and a hydraulic system and can be used to lift heavy objects or vehicles.

How do hydraulic jacks operate?

Before using a hydraulic jack, make sure the work surface is stable, place the jack correctly, and use the handle to pump manually or step on the foot pedal (some models) to provide pump power to lift the jack to the required height.

What occasions are 10T hydraulic jacks suitable for?

10T hydraulic jack can be used in many fields such as automobile maintenance, industrial production lines, and construction sites. They are suitable for lifting heavy objects, supporting equipment, adjusting height, etc.

What are the characteristics of hydraulic jacks?

Hydraulic jacks have the characteristics of large load-bearing capacity, stable lifting, and simple operation. They are usually made of strong metal materials that can withstand high pressures and provide reliable lifting power.

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