TLD02-A312 12T Air Bottle Jack

Heavy Duty Auto Truck Repair Hydraulic Bottle Jack Lift 12 Ton Air Bottle Jack Pneumatic Hydraulic Air Bottle Jack
  • Min.H:250mm
  • Lifting.H:165mm
  • Adjust.H:80mm
  • Max.H:495mm
  • Packing:1pc/ctn
  • Packing size:24*18*27cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:1400pcs


        • The TLD02-A312 12T Hydraulic Bottle Jack offers a high load capacity, capable of lifting up to 12 tons (2400 lbs). It has a minimum height of 250mm and a maximum height of 495mm.

        • With its independent cylinder design, this Hydraulic Bottle Jack features built-in two rugged wear-resistant steel rings. The piston rod and the inner bar do not come in contact, reducing friction and enhancing durability.

        • The Hydraulic Bottle Jack’s rod is rugged and spring-loaded, allowing for flexible height adjustment and offering strong pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. The compact structure of the spring ensures fast retraction and a long service life.

        • The jack is equipped with a splicing handle, which consists of two handles that can be connected to each other. This feature provides easy storage and utilization. The jack’s lift valve ensures a reliable internal oil circuit.

Product Details

High Load Capacity

The Hydraulic Bottle Jack is designed to handle heavy loads efficiently. With its robust construction and hydraulic mechanism, it can support a significant amount of weight, typically ranging from a few tons up to several tons. This feature makes it ideal for lifting and supporting heavy machinery, vehicles, and equipment.

Compact and Portable

One of the standout features of the Hydraulic Bottle Jack is its compact size and portability. Despite its ability to handle substantial weights, it is designed to be compact and easy to transport. This makes it convenient for use in various settings, such as workshops, garages, and even outdoor environments. Its portability ensures that it can be easily moved and stored, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

How much weight can the Hydraulic Bottle Jack lift?

The Hydraulic Bottle Jack is available in various lifting capacities, ranging from a few tons up to several tons. Please refer to the specific model’s product specifications to determine its weight lifting capacity.

How do I use the Hydraulic Bottle Jack safely?

To ensure safe usage of the Hydraulic Bottle Jack, follow the provided user manual carefully. Place the jack on a firm and level surface, position it correctly under the load point, and use the designated handle to operate the hydraulic pump. Always adhere to the weight lifting capacity and avoid overloading the jack.

What are the key features of the Hydraulic Bottle Jack?

The Hydraulic Bottle Jack typically offers a compact design, a sturdy construction for durability, and a hydraulic mechanism for smooth lifting. It may have features like a adjustable height, a bypass valve for overload protection, and a carrying handle for portability. Please refer to the specific model to know its unique features.

Can the Hydraulic Bottle Jack be used for all types of vehicles or equipment?

Can the Hydraulic Bottle Jack be used for all types of vehicles or equipment? The Hydraulic Bottle Jack is suitable for lifting various types of vehicles and equipment, ranging from cars to heavy-duty machinery. However, it is important to check the weight lifting capacity and compatibility of the specific model to ensure it is appropriate for your intended use.

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