TJSBH-4175 Eight pillar lift

High Quality Factory Direct Sales Cable Of Heavy Eight Pillar Lift Bus Electric Truck Trench Lift
  • Lifting weight:7500kg/single column
  • Lifting height:1700mm
  • Minimum height:0mm
  • Column height:2250mm
  • Rise time:120s
  • Fall time:110s
  • Motor power:2.2Kw
  • Power supply voltage:380v
  • Equipment weight:730Kg
  • Single column size:1100*1300*2250mm


Eight pillar lift is a type of lift widely used in car repair and parking areas. It uses 8 columns and a hydraulic system to lift the car, which can lift the car to an appropriate height for easy maintenance and parking.

Main feature:
Adjustable height: Eight pillar lift realizes the lifting and lowering of the car through 8 pillars and a hydraulic system. The height is adjustable, making it convenient for maintenance personnel to repair the chassis, tires and other parts.

Versatility: Eight pillar lift can not only be used for car repair and maintenance, but also for car positioning and inspection, etc. It has strong versatility.

Strong load-carrying capacity: Eight pillar lift has a large load-carrying capacity and can carry heavier cars, and is suitable for various light and heavy vehicles.

Wide scope of application: Eight pillar lift is suitable for all types of car repair and parking places, including auto repair shops, 4S shops, maintenance workshops, parking lots, etc., providing convenience for the car repair and parking industry.

Eight pillar lift has a wide range of applications in car repair and parking areas. It can help maintenance personnel quickly and safely lift the car to a suitable height, providing convenience for their maintenance work. At the same time, the Eight pillar lift can also be used in parking lots, where cars can be parked on the lifting platform to save parking space and improve parking efficiency.

Product Details

Electric control box

Intelligent electric control box, simple to operate, convenient and fast

High-end motor

Smooth lifting and rapid heat dissipation

What is the carrying capacity of the Eight Pillar Lift?

The carrying capacity of the Eight Pillar Lift varies from model to model, and you need to choose the appropriate model based on actual use needs.

What is the working principle of Eight pillar lift?

Eight pillar lift uses eight pillars and a hydraulic system to lift the car, making it easier for maintenance personnel to repair chassis, tires and other parts.

How is Eight pillar lift different from other lifts?

Compared with other lifts, the Eight pillar lift has the characteristics of smooth lifting, strong versatility, and wide range of use. At the same time, it is suitable for a variety of light and heavy vehicles and can meet the needs of the automotive repair industry.

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