TJSBH-40758 Eight column wireless lift

Direct Sale Repair Maintenance Wireless Mobile Eight Post Truck Lift Capacity Heavy Duty Vehicle Elevator Hydraulic Trench Lift
  • Lifting weight:7500kg/single column (overload 9000kg test)
  • Lifting height:1650mm
  • Minimum height:0mm
  • Column height:2250mm
  • Rise time:120s
  • Fall time:110s
  • Motor power:3Kw
  • Power supply voltage:220V/24V
  • Equipment weight:730Kg
  • Single column size:1100*1300*2250


The eight-post wireless lift is an advanced equipment for lifting and lowering vehicles, with features such as strong carrying capacity, multi-function and flexibility, safety and stability, and adjustable height. It plays an important role in the vehicle maintenance industry.

Product Details

Electric control box

Intelligent electric control box, simple to operate, convenient and fast

High-end motor

Smooth lifting and rapid heat dissipation

What are the safety protection devices of Eight column lift wireless?

Eight column lift wireless is equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, such as limit switches, hydraulic protection valves, overload protection devices, etc. These devices ensure safety and stability during lifting and provide a safe working environment for operators.

What are the steps required to install Eight column lift wireless?

The installation of the Eight column lift wireless needs to be carried out in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. It usually requires completing the following steps: determining the installation location, installing the column, installing the hydraulic system, installing the communication system, debugging and testing, etc.

What scenarios is Eight column wireless lift suitable for?

Eight column wireless lift is suitable for repair, maintenance and inspection of various light and heavy vehicles. It is suitable for automobile manufacturers, automobile 4S shops, car repair shops, logistics companies, etc.

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