TJSBH-40758 7500kg Eight Post Truck Lift

Direct Sale Repair Maintenance Wireless Mobile Eight Post Truck Lift Capacity Heavy Duty Vehicle Elevator Hydraulic Trench Lift


● Lifting weight:7500kg/single column (overload 9000kg test)

● Lifting height:1650mm

● Minimum height:0mm

● Column height:2250mm

● Rise time:120s

● Fall time:110s

● Materials:Heavy Duty Steels

● Motor power:3Kw


  • Adopt microcomputer processor real-time control to achieve high precision synchronization

  • Each column is equipped with an independent control system
  •  Under load condition, the equipment has mechanical/hydraulic double lock function, automatic overload protection; Equipped with upper limit switch, the highest point and the lowest point automatically shut down
  •  When the displacement of the column lifting frame seriously exceeds the tolerance (≥50mm) or the column cannot be lifted due to power failure, the equipment will automatically stop and automatically level the lifting height
  • Easy to move, can be used indoors and outdoors. The storage space is small, and vehicles can travel throughout the plant without being limited by ditches, improving the utilization of plant space.

Product Details



Movable, easy to operate, small footprint

Support arm

Made of high-strength manganese steel, strong and durable

Support arm
What types of car lifts are there?

Common car lift types include four-post lifts, two-post lifts, scissor lifts, and mobile post lifts. Each type has its specific working principle and scope of application.

How to choose a car lift that is suitable for me?

When choosing a car lift that’s right for you, you need to consider multiple factors such as vehicle type, load capacity, lifting height, safety, and maintenance costs. Conduct a comprehensive assessment based on actual needs and choose a lift that suits you.

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