TJSBH-40756 Six column wireless lift

Altertool High Quality Heavy Duty Bus Track Cabled Movable Column Truck Trench Lift
  • Lifting weight:7500kg/single column (overload 9000kg test)
  • Lifting height:1650mm
  • Minimum height:0mm
  • Column height:2250mm
  • Rise time:120s
  • Fall time:110s
  • Motor power:3Kw
  • Power supply voltage:220V/24V
  • Equipment weight:730Kg
  • Single column size:1100*1300*2250


Six column wireless lift is a modern vehicle maintenance equipment that uses advanced technology and materials to provide maintenance personnel with more efficient, precise and safe maintenance services.

Six column wireless lift uses wireless remote control technology, making operation more convenient and flexible. It is also equipped with multiple protection systems, such as limit switches, overload protection, hydraulic protection, etc., ensuring safety and stability during use. In addition, Six column wireless lift also has high load-bearing capacity and lifting height, and can adapt to the maintenance needs of various vehicle models.

Improved maintenance efficiency
The flexibility and efficiency of the Six Column Wireless Lift are one of its greatest advantages. The device raises the car quickly and accurately, making it easier for mechanics to perform car repairs. Moreover, the design of Six column wireless lift allows it to adapt to different maintenance work scenarios, such as garages, repair shops, etc., bringing more convenience to maintenance work.

Security and stability
Six column wireless lift adopts multiple protection systems to provide users with a safer and more stable working environment. For example, the equipment is equipped with a limit switch. When the lifting platform rises or falls to a preset height, the equipment will automatically stop running, thereby avoiding safety hazards caused by failure to accurately control the height.

Easy to maintain and maintain
Six column wireless lift uses advanced technology and materials to give it a long service life. Moreover, the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment is very simple and easy. You only need to regularly check the hydraulic system, electrical system, wheels and other components, and perform necessary cleaning and lubrication.

Product Details

Electric control box

Intelligent electric control box, simple to operate, convenient and fast

High-end motor

Smooth lifting and rapid heat dissipation

What is Six column wireless lift?

Six column wireless lift is a wireless lifting device used to lift and lower vehicles to facilitate repair, maintenance and inspection work.

Which vehicles is Six column wireless lift suitable for?

Six column wireless lift is suitable for various light and heavy vehicles, including small cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, etc.

How does the Six column wireless lift work?

Six column wireless lift uses six columns and a hydraulic system to lift the car. The hydraulic pump pushes hydraulic oil into the lift’s hydraulic cylinder, thereby raising or lowering the lift deck.

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