TJSBH-40754 Four pillar lift

Altertool Good Quality Four Post Car Lift Wireless Type Of Heavy Four Pillar Lift Heavy Duty Hydraulic Trench Lift
  • Lifting weight:7500kg/single column (overload 9000kg test)
  • Lifting height:1650mm
  • Minimum height:0mm
  • Column height:2250mm
  • Rise time:120s
  • Fall time:110s
  • Motor power:3Kw
  • Power supply voltage:220V/24V
  • Equipment weight:730Kg
  • Single column size:1100*1300*2250


When it comes to car repair and parking equipment, a four pillar lift is a common and useful tool. The four-post lift is a type of hydraulic lifting equipment that uses four column supports and a hydraulic system to lift the car, providing convenience for car maintenance and parking.

The main features of four-post lifts include small footprint, strong carrying capacity, and ease of use. It can steadily lift the car to an appropriate height and help maintenance personnel perform repairs on the chassis, tires and other parts. In addition, the four-post lift can also be used for car positioning, inspection and other tasks, and has strong versatility. In parking lots, four-post lifts can also help save parking space and improve parking efficiency.

In the fields of car repair and parking, four-post lifts have a wide range of applications. It can help maintenance personnel improve work efficiency and ensure safety and stability during car maintenance. At the same time, the four-post lift also provides a convenient parking solution for the parking lot, helping to make full use of the parking space and improve the management level of the parking lot.

Overall, four-post lifts play an important role in the fields of car repair and parking as car repair and parking equipment. It has diverse functions and is easy to use, and has been widely recognized and applied. It is foreseeable that four-post lifts will continue to play an important role in the future and will continue to be improved and perfected.

Product Details

Electric control box

Intelligent electric control box, simple to operate, convenient and fast

High-end motor

Smooth lifting and rapid heat dissipation

Does the Four pillar lift require maintenance? How to perform maintenance?

Yes, Four pillar lift requires regular inspection and maintenance. Maintenance includes inspection and maintenance of hydraulic systems, maintenance of lubricating components, inspection of electrical systems, etc. You can perform maintenance work according to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

What are the advantages of Four pillar lift compared to other types of lifting equipment?

Four pillar lift has the advantages of stable structure, high load-bearing capacity, adjustable lifting height, and easy use. It is suitable for various models and can meet the needs of different lifting heights.

How about the installation and after-sales service of Four Pillar Lift?

Under normal circumstances, the installation of Four lift pillars is completed by professional technicians. When purchasing, you can negotiate with the supplier for relevant after-sales services, such as warranty, maintenance support, and technical consultation.

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