TJS19-32240MS-220 Electro-Hydraulic 2 post lift

4000KG 2 Post Base Plate Car Lifter Auto Hoist Hydraulic Car Lift For Sale

Lifting capacity:4000kg

●Lifting height:1800mm
●Height of pos:3724mm
●Mount width:3380mm
●Min. heigh:100mm
●Motor power:2.2kw
●Width between post:2830mm
●Power supply:220V


●4000KG lifting capacity.

●1800mm lifting height with standard truck adapter.

●Electrical release, just press Up and Down button to operate the lift.

●Base plate design for low ceiling workshops.

Product Details

Good anti-skid effect, new design of oil circuit and sealing system, effectively extending the service life of the jack

Can you send products to my country?

Sure, we can. If you do not have your own ship forwarder, we can help you.

Do I need a special floor or foundation to support my new lift?

Most residential or commercial foundations are strong enough to support JIUYA lifts. However, it ismportant to adhere to concrete specifcations. Failure to do so could cause lift failure resulting in personainjury or death.

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