TJS19-12225SAL 2.5T Single Post Car Lift

2.5T Electrical release single post mobile car lift with CE


  • Lifting Capacity:2500/2800kg
  • Lifting height:1850mm
  • Min.height:125mm

  • Motor power:2.2kw
  • Power supply:220V/380V


  • Space saving single post structure, can be positioned either to give complete free access to vehicle door.
  • Automatic lock release makes more convenient operation.
  • Parachute valve equipped in hydraulic joint ensures safety in case of oil hose broken.
  • 24V Height limited switch protects the cylinder in long service lift.
  • 3-step screw-up pads suitable for low chassis vehicle as well as SUVs and makes easy and quick service.
  • Price based on 220V only, added with $16 if need changed to 380V

Product Details

Thickened Columns

The column is thickened, with strong load-bearing capacity and wide application range

Thickened Gasket

Thickened spacers will not damage the car, and the height can be adjusted freely

High Quality Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder chain drive, long service life, strong and durable

Customizable Colors

Can be customized in different colors

How to ensure the lift is stable?

Before using the lift, make sure it is on a flat surface and placed completely on the ground. Also follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions, such as bolting the lift to the ground.

Does the lift require regular maintenance?

Yes, lifts require regular maintenance and upkeep. The manufacturer will provide guidance on maintenance schedules and recommendations.

What is an electronic height limiter?

The electronic height limiter is a piezoelectric component used to protect the lift. If the safety height is exceeded during the lifting process, the electronic height limiter will automatically start and stop the lift movement.

What is a self-locking device? Why do lifts need self-locking devices?

The self-locking device is a safety device that prevents the lift from accidentally lowering or falling. Its working principle is to automatically lock when the lift reaches the required height to avoid unnecessary risks.

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