TJLB2-13050 5T Ratchet Jack

High Quality Hand-shake Car Lifting Ratchet Mechanical Rack Jack 5T Mechanical Lifting Machine Hand-shake Top Jack
  • Min.H:75mm
  • Max.H:720mm
  • Packing:1pc/ctn,20pcs/pallet
  • Packing size:75*20.5*23cm
  • Pallet size:76*106*110cm
  • Qty for 20’ft:340pcs


As a common tool, mechanical jacks play an extremely important role in the loading and lifting of various heavy equipment and components. As a new type of mechanical jack, Ratchet Jack has unique advantages in this field.

Ratchet Jack adopts a gear mechanism design and manually rotates the handle to drive the gear to achieve vertical lifting. Different from traditional jacks, the Ratchet Jack has a faster lifting speed, a smoother lifting process, and greater controllability.

Ratchet Jack has many advantages over traditional jacks. First of all, its operation is very simple. The lifting process can be completed by simply rotating the handle, saving workers’ physical strength and time. Secondly, its lifting capacity is more stable and can maintain a high degree of stability during the lifting process, avoiding the risk of unexpected decline. In addition, Ratchet Jack has a simple structure, few parts, and long service life. It can adapt to various complex working environments and has strong durability.

In the industrial field, Ratchet Jack has a wide range of applications. It is often used in the field of automobile manufacturing and maintenance for operations such as upgrading the car chassis and replacing parts. At the same time, in the machinery manufacturing process, Ratchet Jack can be used to lift and install various heavy equipment. In addition, building structures often need to be adjusted and supported on construction sites. Ratchet Jack can play a role in ensuring the structural stability of the building.

In general, Ratchet Jack, as a new type of mechanical jack, has unique advantages in the industrial field. Proper use of Ratchet Jack can improve work efficiency, ensure worker safety, and facilitate industrial production. With the continuous development of the industrial field, Ratchet Jack will continue to be a powerful assistant in the industrial field, helping workers to more easily complete the carrying and lifting tasks of various heavy equipment and components.

Product Details

High-quality steel body

Forged from high-quality alloy steel, sturdy and durable

Thickened groove on top

More durable, safe and reliable

Thickened rack

Strong durability

What is Ratchet Jack?

Ratchet Jack is a mechanical jack that adopts a gear mechanism design and manually rotates the handle to drive the gear to achieve the vertical lifting function.

What are the characteristics of Ratchet Jack?

Ratchet Jack is fast, smooth and controllable. Its lifting speed is faster, the lifting process is smoother, and the user can precisely control the lifting height as needed.

What industries and scenarios is Ratchet Jack suitable for?

Ratchet Jack is widely used in automobile manufacturing and repair, machinery manufacturing, construction sites and other fields. It can be used for tasks such as lifting car chassis, replacing parts, installing heavy equipment, and adjusting and supporting building structures.

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