Tires in these situations must be changed immediately!

Tires are the only parts of the car and ground contact, the importance of tires in the whole car is particularly important, if the tires have abnormalities are not found in a timely manner, then if in the driving, the condition of a tire blowout, but there is a great danger. Seriously, the car is destroyed, the light is injured, therefore, a tire as well as the replacement time to pay attention to, at almost the same time to pay attention to the tire situation.


Tire wear

Even if you drive on flat city roads all year round, tires have a service life, and must be replaced when they wear out to a certain degree. Generally speaking, when the tread depth of a tire is less than 1.6 mm, it is worn to the limit by the naked eye. If you need to be more accurate, you can buy a special measuring device.

Tire aging phenomenon

How to say that the tires are rubber products, the use of the current year long, perhaps the degree of wear has not yet reached, but also with the environment, the event aging. Generally speaking, the tire’s shelf life of three years, use or not use, three years must be replaced. Of course, the use and non-use of the aging rate is not the same. If the tire appears serious aging phenomenon, the tire will produce some deformation, you can pay attention to observe.

Sidewall wound

The whole tire, the sidewall part is the most vulnerable, if this place is injured, even after repair will be very easy to appear dangerous. Even if not injured, observe the tire sidewall cracks or small wounds, just in case, do not continue to use, maybe what will happen when the tire bursts.

Tires with a bulge

Tire bulge occurs when the outer surface of the tire because the strength of the tire has been insufficient, resulting in the tire surface bulge. Tire bulge situation also means that the chances of tire blowout greatly increased, at this time should not continue to use the tire.

Other damage if the impact

If you often drive on some uneven roads, then the four tires may be due to unbalanced forces or axial offset, so that the damage to each tire is not the same, then we should pay attention to observe the four tires. At the same time long-term driving on these roads, will also intensify the consumption of tire performance.

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