Tires also have a shelf life! What should I pay attention to when choosing tires?

The vehicle’s tires are a very important existence for the vehicle, therefore, dear car enthusiasts when picking new tires for their cars, they must choose a tire that is suitable for their vehicles and must make sure that its quality is very good.

I’m going to talk with the dear car enthusiasts about some of the things we should pay attention to when picking a brand for our cars.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when you are at home is the date of manufacture of the vehicle tires. Dear car enthusiasts know that the tires, the manufacturing material is rubber, then, if stored for too long or very likely to affect the performance of the tires.

Usually the storage and use time of tires is not able to exceed 4 years. In the tire, the side will be engraved with its production date, the first two digits represent the week, the last two digits represent the year.


In addition to checking the production time of the vehicle tires, the anti-counterfeiting mark of the vehicle tires should be carefully distinguished. There will be anti-counterfeit markings on the label of new tires to avoid buying counterfeit bad quality tires, which can cause huge safety hazards to our driving.

AA-rated tires are rare, and although they have excellent grip, they are also more expensive. The high temperature index is divided into three levels. Tires are susceptible to aging when experiencing sustained high temperatures, and may even protect the tire blowout, so the higher the level of the high-temperature index tires, to be able to use longer. So also try to choose the high temperature index A level of tires.

In fact, there is a lot to be said for the tread pattern on the tires. Usually, the tires used on our family vehicles have a mixed tread pattern. This pattern of tires can meet the requirements of many different weather conditions.

In addition, there are numbers on the tires to indicate the load index of the tire and its speed level. The higher the number, the greater the load and speed the tire is subjected to.

In addition to these values mentioned above need to understand, there are also different patterns of tires will have a different impact on the car driving, is also an important consideration, and the purchase of tires in addition to pay attention to its quality, a variety of basic information can not be ignored, such as the production date, label, anti-counterfeit markings, etc., these need to confirm when buying to prevent being cheated.

According to the different habits of different car owners, sometimes the wheel protection ring also needs to be taken into account. It seems that the purchase of tires is not simple!

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