Tire maintenance tips

Tires are very important safety parts of the vehicle, whether it is a flat tire or excessive wear resulting in poor braking is a very dangerous thing, so we usually need to pay attention to the state of the tires to ensure the safety of use and to extend the life of the tires. For the daily use of tires and maintenance, we should pay attention to what?

First of all, tire pressure, because tire pressure is too high and too low are bad for tires, many people know that tire pressure is too high may lead to a blowout, but in fact, tire pressure is too low for tires is even worse, because tire pressure is too low, tire driving will occur extrusion deformation, which will increase the degree of tire wear and the probability of a blowout. Check the tire pressure every month tire under-pressure and over-pressure will lead to abnormal tire wear, shorten the life of the tire, increase fuel consumption and even increase the chances of a tire blowout. It is recommended that car owners check the tire pressure once a month to ensure that the tire pressure is normal.

Check the method is also very simple: use the tire pressure gauge, the steps are as follows.

(1) park the car on a smooth road, the tire pressure gauge placed on the air pressure lever.

(2) Press the tire gauge firmly so that it is tightly connected to the valve stem, and air will enter the tire gauge from the tire. Note: The needle inside the gauge should be aligned with the valve core of the valve stem in order to release air from the tire.

(3) Just read the pressure reading of the tire gauge.

Then, because most vehicles are front-drive models, and the front has an engine, the quality is heavier, so the two front wheels are more stressed than the rear wheels, the wear is naturally faster some, so we need to regularly cross-exchange the tires to ensure that the four tires wear balance, which can also extend the service life of the tires, generally about a year to do a change can be, do maintenance to let the repairman to replace the replacement, tire disassembly and installation is also done four-wheel alignment, to ensure that no runout.

It is best to check the tires once a day, in time to remove the tread and tread groove nails, stones and other hard impurities to avoid damage to the tire body. Tire storage and loading and unloading process do not contact with oil and other chemicals, vehicle parking as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight, water or oil, to prevent the aging of the tire rubber.

Although we can slow down the wear and tear through some small precautions, but the tires are after all wear and tear and rubber products, so it is quite necessary to check the wear and tear of the tires often, serious wear of the tires will lead to longer braking distance or even failure of the vehicle. And rubber products over time will become hard, generally well maintained again, about 5 years must be replaced. Repaired many times the tires are also not suitable for continued use, the same safety risks, especially when running high-speed. Therefore, even if the usual tire maintenance is very important, the time to change or to change.

Tires are still quite wear-resistant, usually normal use can be, do not often emergency braking to increase unnecessary wear and tear on it, there is no special to do maintenance. Then it is to pay more attention to tire pressure, keep within the normal range of values, regular cross-positioning, serious wear and tear or use the age of the change to change, so as to ensure the safety of driving.

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