Tire changer selection guide

Today we offer you a guide to buy and sell tire changer, hope it can help some friends who are buying equipment.


(1) pay attention to the rated power of the motor.


The greater the power, the greater the stability of the work. If the product is 380V motor power is generally more than 1000W, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use of about 800W motor, its work stability is much worse. Users in the purchase, you can remove the side cover, check the rated power of the motor. Motor in the work should be small noise, and no obvious vibration.

(2) good motor using enameled wire is copper wire 

Many manufacturers in order to reduce costs to use aluminum wire, or aluminum copper, so that the motor heat dissipation is poor, long working capacity heat dissipation is slow, resulting in easy to burn the motor, while the noise.

(3) the noise should be low when running, and no significant vibration when the load


Transmission is the tire changer transmission power reduction device. Because the AC motor speed is generally above 100r/min, so it needs to be reduced to about 100r/min through the reducer to work properly. The speed reducer is usually made of special materials, alloy materials, transmission, low noise, good balance performance. Some small tire changer manufacturers use inferior hard alloy casting gearbox, gearbox pot wheel rod processing is not fine and cause noise when working, the load should pay more attention.


(4) the quality of the tire removal head is also directly related to the quality of tire removal


Currently on the market there are a variety of materials made of iron, stainless steel, manganese steel, alloy manganese steel and other materials; shape can not see good and bad, the appearance of the products of various manufacturers are similar, but the quality varies greatly, some products with a few months to break, some products with a year will break, good quality can be used for 10 years will not break.

So when buying products not just use the price to measure the product, the use of good steel casting, the price More expensive; another for the iron casting out of the price is relatively low, a good steel casting of the tire changer, the market price of about 500 yuan, ordinary iron casting as long as 30 yuan.


Another product appearance is largely comparable, the difference is not big, not professional people can not see, think we are the same, in fact, the arc design curve of the demounting head is more scientific and sophisticated, good demounting head after years of use is not easy to deformation or fracture, loading and unloading tires smoothly, and to protect the rim, the tire is not damaged.

And poor quality tire removal head is not quite the same, rough appearance, arc curve design is also unreasonable, loading and unloading tires is not smooth, easy to deformation after repeated use, and easy to scratch the tire and rim. Therefore, in the purchase of the site to load and unload tires to verify the merits of the demounting head.

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