Tips when replacing tires

Qualified car owners some basic skills to master, changing tires even if it is, in fact, changing tires is not as difficult as imagined, male and female owners can do it, provided that there is the strength to change well.


The point of driving on the road to change the tire is to pull over to the side of the place, then turn on the warning lights, put up a warning sign, preferably placed behind the car 100 meters.

Look for the location of the vehicle spare tire, remove the spare tire to uncover the trunk and then use special tools to replace it.

The size of the tire is divided into full-size spare tire and non-full-size spare tire, the size is not so important, after changing the number of normal speed slow down a little, preferably not more than 80KM/H, it is best to find a professional tire repair not point repair tires as soon as possible, it must be said that the non-full-size spare tire is more suitable for female drivers, after all, the weight is not full-size spare tire heavy ah.


Jack support, to align the position, the location of each jack is a small groove, to be especially reminded of the placement and ground contact position must be secure, how to say that the weight of the body has more than a ton, the beginning of the jack can be raised to a certain amplitude, near the body of a certain height and then prevented to the body below.


May be many car enthusiasts have never used a jack, the beginning of the time will be difficult to spin open, the easiest way is to knock a few times on the floor, so it is easier to rotate, the standard jack connecting rod on the docking can be used.

Spin screws are also a lot of car owners to face the problem, the beginning of the time may be very heavy, the key is the right direction, spin the first time will be heavier, you can use the body strength to step down or other lending attack, remember to remind car enthusiasts an important step is not completely spin the tire screw money does not need to let the forum completely off the ground.


Male compatriots with their own strength should be able to unscrew the screws, it is recommended to use the diagonal screws, the car body up to completely off the ground position can be removed to replace the broken tires, there is a screw we can screw all down to put away, or lost will be very troublesome.


Removal of broken tires and a light method is to step hard on the side of the forum, there is no fixed tires will be biased to one side, it is better to remove in addition to take out the first placed under the body of the car body to prevent the body flowers fall, next you can put the spare tire screw buckle against the side of the bolt and then screw the diagonal screws, once and so on, when screwing screws should be all screws generally screwed to a tightness, and then screwed in diagonal order.

Jack reverse loosened to store all the tools and broken tires to replace the tire, retrieve the triangle warning sign placed, the task of replacing the tire is over.


Of course, no matter which forum to change should remember to check the spare tire pressure, or to use the time to find the tire pressure is not enough, it is a problem, just change the speed of the car must not be too fast, their own processing is generally more amateur, it is recommended or as soon as possible to professional repair points for related processing.

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