The working principle of tire changer

The so-called tire changer, actually also known as tire picker, tire changer, it is a tool commonly used in auto repair, specifically for removing tires, with which to remove tires is very convenient. So, what is the current market for tire changer? Here we will talk to you specifically about the working principle of the tire changer, structural composition, performance characteristics, classification, selection skills and maintenance, and hopefully solve your heart’s doubts.

Tire removal machine working principle


The role of tire removal machine is to pick up tires and tires, mainly by the rack, pressure plate, pressure cylinder, support cylinder, walking trolley and hydraulic system. The central cylinder is equipped with an auxiliary cylinder on each side in parallel, the platen is connected vertically with the central cylinder, the two auxiliary cylinders are connected vertically with the ring hook slide frame, and the ring hook slide frame is equipped with a ring hook slide channel. Through the pressure plate and ring hook slide frame device interaction, the hydraulic system control to complete the tire demolition operation.


The tire demolition machine has high efficiency, strong adaptability and does not damage the tire during demolition, and can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, water conservancy and other operations of large car tire rim demolition.

1. Host table


Tires are mainly demolished on this table, which mainly plays the role of placing tires, rotating and so on.


2. Separation arm


It is mainly used to separate the tire from the rim on one side of the tire removal machine, so that the tire removal can be carried out smoothly.


3. Filling and deflating device


Mainly to play the tire gas released so as to facilitate the inflation or dismantling, in addition to measuring the air pressure gauge. General tires are in about 2.2 atmospheres, also equal to 0.2Mpa.


4. Foot pedal


There are three foot pedal switches underneath the tire changer, which are used to rotate the switch clockwise and counterclockwise, to separate the rim and tire switch.


5. Lubricant


It is beneficial to the tire dismounting, reduce the damage in the process of tire staking and make the tire dismounting work better.


Tire picking machine performance characteristics


1. tire picking machine range of mobile clamping claws, tight rims suitable for conversion garages, can also be used for tire lifting.


2. with a double-sided mechanical pneumatic helper arm, suitable for a variety of operating methods, easy and fast operation.


3. Can choose to work the large plate of the number of revolutions double speed 7 rpm -14 rpm, improve the efficiency of work.


4. Adopt the column pneumatic backward tilt, push and pull the design of pneumatic automatic locking.


5. simple and effective on the burst punch device to solve the tire inflation difficult, flexible and mobile, with the machine, can be separated, suitable for a variety of tire stores.

Classification of tire changer


1. according to the type of power, tire changer can be divided into two types of pneumatic tire changer, hydraulic tire changer.


2. according to the type of use, can be divided into motorcycle special tire changer, special tire changer for construction vehicles, special tire changer for small cars, special tire changer for large trucks four categories.

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