The working principle of hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack belongs to a kind of jack, its working principle is different from the mechanical jack. In our daily life, but also often use the hydraulic jack. Nowadays, people’s living standards continue to improve, there are more and more people are buying cars, in the car tire is broken when we can use the hydraulic jack. However, there are many people only know how to use, and do not know how it works. Next, let’s learn about it.

Hydraulic jack as the name implies is to work through hydraulic pressure, the process of hydraulic operation is mainly by hydraulic oil, using the pressure of hydraulic oil to transmit power. Hydraulic system is mainly composed of hydraulic oil, operating equipment and other parts of the entire hydraulic system is mainly the pressure is converted into the required power. Hydraulic jack is composed of external hardware (iron products), size spark plug, wrench, hydraulic oil tank and other components.

The working principle of the hydraulic jack, at the time of operation, the jack wrench will slowly move up and pull the small piston upward, at this time the oil inside the hydraulic oil tank began to pass through the hydraulic oil pipeline and quickly absorb the small piston below.

Then the wrench at this time there began to move down the sub and pull the small piston down, the hydraulic oil tank and the small piston below the oil pipeline will be blocked, at this time the small piston The hydraulic oil below the small piston will be flushed into the large piston through the line.

Using the principle of lever operation, the impulse force under the small piston will increase a lot compared to the previous one, and if the operation is in accordance with the regulations, the impulse force is likely to be more than ten times larger than the previous one.

The large piston itself is much larger than the small piston, and the impulse generated by the manual operation will be squeezed into the large piston, and according to the principle, the impulse ratio of the large and small pistons is the same at this time. In this case, the manual pressure transferred to the small piston through the wrench will be increased by more than ten times. The hydraulic jack is the general principle of operation.

However, after the use of the hydraulic jack, there will be a frequent need to close the hydraulic door, you can manually operate the hydraulic oil on the car’s own weight and then push the oil back to the hydraulic tank.

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