The tips about the dynamic balancing after tire repair

Since we know that tires and wheels cannot be fully balanced in terms of force at the beginning of production, and we can only try to reduce the influence of force by means of installation, then we will analyze in detail the significance of dynamic balancing of tires from the mechanical point of view. (Consider the tire and the wheel as a whole).

If the tire is at rest, all the weight of the tire is concentrated on the central axis, but if the central axis rotates, the whole tire will generate a centrifugal inertia force away from the central axis, the situation is that when the tire is rotating towards one side, the inertia force generated is the same direction.

So the combined force of the two forces is definitely not 0, but because the inertia force generated by the tire rotation is relative to the central axis But because the inertial force generated by the tire rotation relative to the pivot point is to take the moment, the direction of the two taking the moment is opposite, so the combined moment of the two is 0.

To put it simply, we can divide such a situation into two conditions, one is the pivot point position is open, the tire in the process of high-speed rotation is bound to swing, after all, the force generated by the tire rotation is not uniformly distributed up and down; there is another situation is that the tire is not tightened. At this time, the tire and the center axis belong to two separate individuals, at this time will also appear back and forth swing.

At this time, we still take the tire as an example, both sides of the tire inside and outside to take an identical but opposite direction of the force, at this time the inertia force we can see as a combined force of 0, because the direction of the force is the same, but because the direction of the two forces are opposite.

So the tire rotation process generated by the combined moment is not 0, at this time if the tire and the central axis fixed very tight, the force on the tire will be transferred to the central axis above, bringing us The driver’s greatest feeling is the steering wheel shaking, especially when the vehicle speed reaches 90KM / h – 110KM / h feel the most obvious, at this time, if not timely calibration of the dynamic balance, not only the tire will appear bias grinding the latter burst tire situation, serious will also lead to the vehicle’s half shaft deformation, affecting the driving experience and driving Safety.


The role of dynamic balancing of car tires is to offset the forces and moments

The tires and rims are considered as a whole, the two sides of the force is exactly the same, forming a perfect balance system, first of all, because of the uniform distribution of mass on both sides, so the two sides of the inertial force and moment can also cancel each other, which forms a stable dynamic balance system, which means that our vehicle in the process of driving, the tread will be stable and ground contact.

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