The standard use of electric hoists

The figure of the electric chain hoist appears in more and more factories, to people’s lifting lifting work has brought a lot of help, but with the occurrence of a pile of accidents will focus more attention on the production of the accident rate and the safety of workers’ lives and property, in order to protect the smooth operation of the electric chain hoist to the operation of a series of matters specified!

1. electric chain hoist is strictly prohibited in the case of unclear lifting object weight and more than the rated load.

2. Electric chain hoist operation must be operated by a dedicated person, prohibit the use of special equipment without training or qualification certificate.

3. Operation, the electric chain hoist is not allowed to tilt lifting and horizontal dragging tools used.

4. Limiter system to prevent the hook from rising and falling beyond the upper limit of the position to cause accidents set up safety devices, so you can not use the limiter as a switch.

5. After the work is completed, the main switch of the power supply must be pulled away to cut off the main power supply.

6. The normal use of the load chain should be lubricated once a month (apply the lubricating grease evenly on the chain or chains). When the temperature is low in winter, the lubricating grease must be heated and applied. The lubricating grease should be clean and should not contain impurities and dirt.

7. Before each use, should check whether the chain is bent, knotted, whether the rope is protruding or too twisted, whether the surface has signs of twisting, whether the fastening is solid, whether the lifting chain is clean and smooth, whether the lubricant is sufficient.

8. electric chain hoist work, the load is strictly prohibited for a long time suspended in the air to prevent irreversible deformation of parts and steel beam track.

9. In the process of use, such as the discovery of bad fault, should immediately cut off the main power supply.

10. After the use of electric chain hoist, should be stopped to the designated location, the hook is raised to a position more than 2 meters from the ground.

11. To ensure the safety of use, electric chain hoist should be used in the work system to properly control the frequency of use, not in a period of frequent use. Otherwise, it will lead to brake friction overheating and malfunction, loss of control and other dangers.

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