The reason why car tires often lack of air

Tire side and inner edge breakage

Tire side breakage: Some car owners have a poor sense of location and often let the side of the tire rub against the road edge when parking, which will wear the side of the tire over time.

Tire inside edge of the breakage: tire inside edge of the breakage, mostly due to the dismantling and installation of tires when the operation error, generally appear in the change of new tires or patching after the installation of tires on the link.

Tire side and inner edge damage, both will cause the tire dark leak, there will also be a high risk of blowout.


Inspection method F: tire side damage can be directly observed, serious will appear cracked and bulging, as long as there is such a situation, must be replaced as soon as possible with new tires to avoid the accident of a blowout.

Whether the inner edge of the tire is broken, it is necessary to remove the tire to check, so owners in the repair store to remove the tire, can be carefully supervised.

Foreign objects stuck in the tire

The most common damage to tires is when a foreign object gets stuck. Easily stuck into the tires of foreign objects, including nails, screws, wire, glass fragments, sharp stones, etc..

Among these foreign objects, nails and screws are the most likely to puncture the tire and cause a dark tire leak.

Inspection method F: tires to foreign objects, we just need to carefully observe the surface of the tire can be observed. If the foreign body is hidden, we can also sprinkle soapy water on the surface of the tire to find the place where bubbles emerge.

Wheel rupture

Ruptured wheels are relatively uncommon. A ruptured wheel will cause the gas inside the vacuum tire to leak from the crack, and the small crack will become a hidden danger of wheel breakage. It can be said that this situation is rare but extremely dangerous.

Inspection method: To inspect, you need to remove the wheel and then observe whether cracks exist on the surface and inner wall of the wheel. If the wheel is cracked, it should be replaced in time.

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