The process of using tire changer

First. Preparation

1)Turn on the power and air supply of the machine.

2) Carry out debugging operation. Step down the left pedal, the chuck rotates clockwise; step down the right pedal, the demolition shovel action, release the demolition shovel back to the original position step down the middle pedal, the chuck on the claw open, and then step on the claw closed.

3) Release the air in the tire and remove all the balance blocks.

Second. disassemble the tire

1) Dismantle the tire lip and put the tire on the right side of the tire changer, lean the tire on the rubber support plate, press the removal shovel on the tire lip, about 1cm above the edge of the rim. Depress the right pedal and remove the spade. Repeat the above action on both sides of the tire until the lip is completely detached.

2) Place the tire on the chuck of the tire remover. Apply grease or similar lubrication to the tire lip by (to prevent causing tire wear).

3) Step down the middle pedal and jam the rim. Lock the tire according to the specified size phi the following method.

Locking method outside the rim; step the middle pedal to the middle position and position the jaws according to the reference scale on the chuck. Place the tire on the jaws and press the rim, then depress the middle pedal until it is tight.

How to lock inside the rim: Position the jaws, let them all close, put the tire on the jaws, step down the middle pedal, and open the jaws until the rim is stuck.

4) After confirming the rim is firmly stuck, put down the pressure bar, make the lip removal head to the upper edge of the rim, turn the locking handle, lock the horizontal and heavy straight arm, and make the removal head about 2mm away from the rim automatically. insert the pry bar into the front of the lip removal head, and use the pry bar to peel off the outer tire lip.

5) Keep the pry bar in position, depress the left pedal and rotate the chuck in clockwise direction until the tire is completely separated from the rim and lift the tire upwards. Use the same method to make the other side of the tire lip and rim completely separated; remove the tire.

6) Remove the inner tube and lift the tire upward to separate the other side from the outer rim.

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