The operation specification and precautions of car lift(3)

In the above process, the machine should be no abnormal noise and other abnormal phenomena.

1. Lifting machine load operation

2. After driving the car on the working platform, pull the brake handbrake tightly and the driver withdraws from the working platform.

3. The anti-skid support will be reliably padded in the front and rear of the car tires.

4. Without air supply, press the up button to raise the working platform to the required height.

5. Tap the down button, so that the four hooks are reliably supported on the pegboard, then you can enter the work area to repair or adjust the operation.

6. After the repair or adjustment work is finished, tap the up button, turn the reversing valve to the air supply position, so that the four hooks are free from the pegboard, press the down button, and the working platform descends.

7. When the working platform is lowered to the lower limit position, remove the anti-skid support, and drive the car away from the working platform.

Lifting machine use precautions

1. Should set up a person to operate, maintain and repair the lift equipment, prohibit the personnel who have not read this manual and no operating qualifications to open the lift without permission.

2. The car should be parked so that the center of gravity is close to the center of gravity of the work platform.

3. Overload operation is strictly prohibited.

4. During the lifting and lowering of the working platform, no person shall be stranded on or under the working platform.

It is forbidden to run the machine under the condition of malfunction.

1. Only after making sure the four safety hooks are hung, personnel can enter the working area.

2. The car staying on the working platform must pull the handbrake tightly and pad the anti-skid support.

3. The lift should be lowered to the lowest position when not in use, and cut off the power.

4. After using the lift for a period of time, the wire rope will be different degrees of elongation, which causes the work platform is not flat and four hooks can not be hung synchronously. At this time should be timely adjustment of the length of the wire rope.

5. Should be strictly in accordance with this manual for the maintenance and overhaul of the machine.

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