The operation specification and precautions of car lift(2)

Double column, hydraulic lifter can not be lowered for what reasons, how to exclude the return port strainer blockage, remove and clean. Solenoid valve spool network clogging, remove and clean. The speed control valve spool has impurities stuck, remove and clean. Mechanical insurance is not open or there is a mechanical obstacle stuck below the movement, check the insurance hook spring and remove the card. Slider or roller and guide or rotation axis lack of oil lubrication, should be injected grease.

Lifting machine can not lift up the reasons for lifting heavy objects overload. Speed control valve spike screw may be too small by the user or repair personnel, should be readjusted. Gear pump because the hydraulic medium is not replaced in time, gear wear, should replace the gear pump. Lifting machine column within or lifting machine above the mechanical object jam, should be thoroughly checked.

Gantry lifter insurance device what hydraulic system overflow valve, overload protection. One-way valve to keep pressure. Over-height limit travel switch, over the limit stop. Mechanical self-locking, synchronous insurance, simultaneous release. Bracket arm self-locking device. Secondary arm limit screw. What are the reasons for the slow fall of the gantry lift hydraulic medium over the use period or serious pollution. The oil return port strainer is blocked. The spool of speed control valve is stuck. The oil pipe connection is clogged with dirt.

General four-post lift installation essentials are which platform four corners are at the same level. The direction of the steel wire rope is correct, prevent loosening pressure plate is complete. The top of the wire rope double nuts tightening. The four insurance blocks work at the same time and can be adjusted by the top screw. The manipulation handle is flexible. The oil pipe is tightly connected. Electrical connection is correct.

Second: the use of the lift and precautions

Before using each shift, you must:

A: Daily inspection of the relevant parts according to this manual. Check whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is normal.

No-load test run must be carried out before each shift, according to the following procedures

1. Turn on the power switch.

2. Press the rising button, the working platform should be able to rise normally. Release the button, the working platform should be able to stop reliably.

3. Rise to a certain height and stop, hook the working platform on, at this time the four hooks must be able to reliably hang in the column on the pegboard.

4. When turning the reversing valve to supply air, the four hooks should be able to completely detach from the pegboard.

5. Press the down button, the working platform should fall at normal speed, release the down button, the working platform should be able to stop reliably.

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