The operation specification and precautions of car lift(1)

Lifting machine daily inspection has the following points:

1. the regular maintenance must be carried out by the operator every three months, if the user use frequency is higher or in a more severe environment, the user itself depending on the specific circumstances correspondingly shorten the maintenance time.

2. every day during operation, must check whether the safety device is sensitive and effective, whether the hydraulic system leakage, the amount of oil is sufficient, and the column guide plus grease.

3. check Main and vice safety hooks work whether sensitive and reliable.

4. check whether the synchronous steel wire rope is loose. If loose, please tension and fix.

5. check the oil volume in the oil tank, replenish the hydraulic oil.

6. clean the hydraulic system.

7. hydraulic oil is routinely replaced once a year (the first use of three months to replace). When replacing the hydraulic oil, lower the lift to the lowest position, the hydraulic oil should not have any pressure (zero pressure), no load on the lift, refill N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, waste oil disposal must be carried out in accordance with local environmental regulations.

8. clean the column rail on the oil and burrs, check whether the slider wear is serious, should be replaced in a timely manner.


A: double column, gantry lift main wearing parts replacement period hydraulic oil: the initial use for 3 months, after every other year to replace. Chain: 3 years or when the chain piece and chain pin have signs of damage. Chain pin cotter pin and chain end joint joint shaft fixing nut is loosened timely replacement. The normal use of the oil pipe connection seal replacement period is two years, if damage is found, replace in time.

Cylinder seal is 2 years. The spring is 2 years, the safety hook is 3 years, and the pallet gasket should be replaced in time if it is damaged. Sprocket and sprocket shaft, sleeve 3 years. Slider block normal use for 3 years. Synchronous wire rope broken wire up to 10 or more than 2 years must be replaced.

The main reason for the screeching sound of the double column lifter slider wear serious or poor lubrication condition. Deformation of the wire rod caused by abnormal use, so that the movement of the wire rod nut shaking process. Serious nut wear. Guide rail working surface with impurities double column lifter insurance devices include what includes upper and lower limit travel switch, safety nuts, synchronization safety device, triangle belt overload slippage, bracket arm self-locking, secondary arm limit screw, pallet limit set.

What are the causes of the double column lifter shaking fault, how to exclude the roller or slider and poor lubrication between the guide rail, grease lubrication should be added. Poor lubrication or wear of the sleeve and shaft inside the chain wheel, grease lubrication should be added or replace the sleeve.


The contact surface of sprocket and chain is worn or damaged, and the sprocket should be replaced. The roller or slider is seriously worn and should be replaced in time. There is air in the cylinder, through the back and forth movement of the full stroke several times, discharge the air. Hydraulic lift automatically fall for what reasons the hydraulic system pump station stop check valve steel ball has impurities or wear.

Hydraulic system pump station on the solenoid valve core in the normally open state. Cylinder piston seal damage, rise to the highest point of oil bubbling out.

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