The operation points of car tire balancing

From a mechanical point of view, dynamic balancing is not a means to make money by trying to fool car owners, mainly because after the tire is disassembled, the force of the tire has changed, if left alone, the force above the tire will be transferred to the steering wheel through the central axis (half-axis), we can directly feel the vibration of the steering wheel, so tire dynamic balancing is the pursuit of tire force and moment of force to 0, and the center of gravity must always remain in the central axis (half-axis) above.


Dynamic balance data is not allowed to affect a lot


1. the tire tread appears wavy wear, when the tire dynamic balance data is not accurate, there will be left and right S-shaped swing, at this time the most intuitive feeling on the tires is the tire tread wear uneven situation.

2. vibration leads to damage to the chassis parts, tire dynamic balance data is not accurate, will not only lead to uneven wear, but also produce up and down jumping situation (vibration), the force of this vibration will be transmitted to the body parts between, eventually leading to damage between the various parts of the vehicle chassis. At the same time will also lead to the tires and the ground adhesion greatly reduced, thus affecting our driving safety.

3. resulting in the direction of the system of openness, the tire above the uneven force will be transmitted to the steering wheel through the half shaft, in the long run will make the precise steering system of openness, affecting our driving experience and driving safety.

The operation points of car tire balancing


Our vehicle tires in the time to do dynamic balancing, there are still a lot of attention, otherwise you will find that after doing the tire shaking situation has not been fundamentally solved.

1. pay attention to the choice of balance block, the wheel material on the market is divided into iron wheels and aluminum wheels, iron wheels because the inside of the tire is not flat, so you need to use the knocking balance block, and aluminum wheels to take into account the aesthetics and safety, we will choose to paste the balance block.

2. carefully clean up the inside of the wheel, the wheel inevitably stick to mud blocks and other things during the driving process, this part is the uncontrollable factors, so we must clean up the hygiene of the inside of the wheel before doing dynamic balancing to avoid affecting the accuracy of dynamic balancing data.

3. choose the gram accurate balance block, many businesses in order to reduce costs, will choose cheaper balance block, this balance block will lead to two situations, one, because the gram is not accurate, need to paste a large number of balance blocks in the inside of the wheel hub, seriously affect the aesthetics; second, the paste effect of the balance block is very poor, high-speed driving balance block is easy to be thrown away, again lead to the inaccuracy of dynamic balancing data.

To sum up, tire balancing is not only needed after tire repair, but also as long as it involves tire dismounting, we need to calibrate the dynamic balancing data again, and every time before doing dynamic balancing, we need to thoroughly clean the inside of the wheel, so as to ensure the accuracy of the dynamic balancing data.

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