The maintenance method of hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack is a common lifting equipment, its variety is also very much, it has the advantages of light weight, small size, easy to store.

Hydraulic jack maintenance skills.


1. before use must check whether all parts are normal. The operator must be familiar with the role of the main hydraulic components used in the hydraulic jack, familiar with the principle of the jack, master the hydraulic jack action sequence.

2. the use of the main parameters should be strictly adhered to the provisions of the main parameters, avoid ultra-high overload, otherwise when the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the specified, the top of the cylinder will occur serious oil leakage.

3. If the oil quantity of the manual pump body is not enough, it should be added to the pump first should be fully filtered hydraulic oil before working.

4. electric pump, please refer to the electric pump manual.

5. the center of gravity of the weight should be selected moderate, a reasonable choice of hydraulic jack point of force, the bottom to be padded, while taking into account the ground soft and hard conditions, whether to be lined with tough wood, placed smoothly, so as not to sink or tilt the weight.

6. hydraulic jack will be jacked up after the weight, should be used in a timely manner to support the weight firmly, prohibit the use of hydraulic jack as a support.

7. if several hydraulic jacks lifting at the same time, in addition to the correct placement of the jack, should use multiple top shunt valve, and the load of each jack should be balanced, pay attention to keep the lifting speed synchronized. Must also consider the uneven weight of the ground may sink, to prevent the weight being lifted to produce tilt and dangerous.

8. when using the manual pump first quick connector and the top docking, and then choose a good location, the oil pump on the drain screw screwed tight, you can work. If you want to make the piston rod fall, turn the hand wheel of the manual oil pump slightly counterclockwise, unload the cylinder, and the piston rod will gradually fall. Otherwise, the speed of decline will be too fast to produce dangerous.

9. the separation of the jack system spring reset structure, after lifting, you can quickly take out, but do not use the connected hose to pull the jack.

10. when the jack failure, the operator is not allowed to move, should immediately report to the maintenance department; maintenance department personnel should be quickly to the scene, the cause of the failure to analyze and eliminate. Hydraulic jack should always be kept clean to prevent dust, cotton and other debris into the oil tank. The operator should be in accordance with the parts and items specified in the jack point inspection card for serious point inspection.

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