The main factors affecting the performance of car lifts

Lifter as a comprehensive multi-technology products, its impact on the performance of the lift many factors, the main factors are the design of the lift, manufacturing process, insurance devices, synchronization devices, etc.

Manufacturing process

At present, many manufacturers in the design of the lifter mainly use the empirical analogy method, the different lifting tonnage of the lifter in accordance with a certain empirical formula to increase the proportion or reduce the size of the corresponding components. This design method is not only difficult to protect the performance and safety of the product, but. And the design and manufacturing cycle is long, high cost. The key manufacturing process of the lift includes plate cutting plate welding.

Plate cutting, domestic lifting machine under the material technology and under the way too old and backward, basically in the traditional manual cutting production method, the main cutting method used for gas cutting and CNC cutting, which gas cutting mainly relies on skilled sample workers and sample experience, due to the low efficiency of manual sample, and the lack of skilled sample workers in the factory, making enterprises often occur in the sample error, resulting in rework, nesting and The work schedule is delayed.

At the same time, the cutting efficiency of manual gas cutting is low, which leads to. The waste of steel is serious, which seriously restricts the development of enterprises. Many enterprises fail to better manage and reuse the remaining steel, making the remaining steel pile up, resulting in serious waste of steel.

Plate welding, due to the mechanical structure of the lift design does not take into account the subsequent welding process and make the workpiece easy to appear after welding. Deformation and cracks, making the product performance is not stable. To a mobile Vehicle lifter base plate processing, for example, many manufacturers use the base steel plate and the upper column, both sides of the leg tube welded to each other in the form of structure.

The main disadvantages of this structure: (1) in the welding process is prone to heat deformation phenomenon, and the workpiece is larger, after welding can not be eliminated by means of technology Deformation, resulting in less contact between the bottom of the column and the ground. (2) In the long-term use of In the process of long-term use, because the cylinder in the middle of the column presses the bottom plate, it will lead to the floor serious deformation in the middle, the phenomenon of “pot bottom”.

In order to eliminate the above deformation deformation, the manufacturer increased the thickness of the base steel plate, but the program not only increases the cost, but also increases the equipment increase the cost, and will increase the height of the equipment, affecting the subsequent lifting machine standard.

But this solution not only increases the cost, but also increases the height of the equipment, which affects the subsequent standard set of lift transport; at the same time, it also increases its own quality, which is not conducive to use. At the same time, this structure in the process of bearing operation, such as uneven ground, or The column below the base plate design is not reasonable or welding deformation serious.

Even cause serious consequences such as falling. Therefore, reasonable lift structure design, cutting, welding process, tooling and equipment are important for the lift. Therefore, the reasonable structure design, cutting, welding process, tooling and equipment have an important impact on the quality of the product.

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