The importance of the first aid kit in the car

Car first aid kit is a package of medical first aid equipment and drugs equipped on the vehicle, which can be used to start self-help in case of traffic accidents causing casualties, and is one of the means to effectively reduce the number of traffic fatalities. The vehicle first aid kit mainly has bandage supplies like elastic headgear, snap-on tourniquet, elastic bandage, etc., sterile dressings like gauze, bandages, disposable gloves, etc., instruments and tools like first aid scissors, medical tweezers, safety pins, life-saving whistles, etc.

According to the analysis, 80% of people dream of owning a car, the so-called pre-purchase car, safety first. Safety is definitely the eternal topic, our country’s law does not provide for vehicles must be equipped with first aid kits. Many drivers in order to save money not to equip their cars with first-aid kits, human life is at stake, China’s vehicles equipped with fire extinguishers and first-aid kits for the popularization of the imperative, Chongqing City has stipulated that first-aid kits must become mandatory for vehicles equipped with, China will also introduce regulations mandatory vehicles equipped with first-aid kits.

To prepare the first aid kit first of all, we must study the configuration of the first aid kit, understand the content of these configurations and how to use. In the event of an emergency must be methodical self-help and mutual aid.

Triangular towel 90 × 90 × 129 cm 1 piece for arm and other parts of the fracture fixation

Elastic headgear Medium 1 piece Used for pressure or bandaging of head trauma; put the headgear directly on the head

First aid blanket 140×210 cm 1 piece Heat insulation and cold-proof function, prevent shock, used to carry the injured, wrapped in the body, can also be used for reflective warning

Snap-on tourniquet, medium size 1 piece Used for ligature to stop bleeding of limbs; wrapped around the upper arm or thigh root, can be withdrawn for pressure

Elastic bandage 10×500 cm/7.5×450 cm 1 roll each for dressing wounds and fracture fixation splint, can also be used for limbs to drive blood and swelling, relieve swelling and pain

Mouth-to-mouth respirator single valve type 1 for CPR mouth-to-mouth respirator

Medical gloves Medical, large size 1 pair Avoid direct contact with wounds to avoid cross infection

Hemostatic pads 20cm×10 cm 2 packs Used for wound compression to stop bleeding, absorbing blood and exudate in wounds

Disposable quick-cooling bag 125g 1 bag Pinch the inner bag and shake the ice bag according to the diagram and put it on the affected area. Used for cooling, sprains, hematomas and other treatment

Sterile gauze stack 7cm×6cm×2 pieces 1 bag Used for wound isolation and hemostatic dressing, used directly on the wound, need to be fixed with adhesive tape or bandage

Sterile wound dressing 7cm×6cm 1 packet is used for wound dressing after wound debridement, align the core with the wound and apply pressure if necessary

Band-Aid 70×18mm/6pcs/package 1package for small wounds and wound dressing

Iodophor stick 5pcs×8cm/package 1package for disinfection of skin and direct contact; open the package and break the white cotton swab at the line to use directly

Isolation mask medium 1 used for isolating the contamination of the wound by the vapor of the mouth and nose

Cooling motion sickness patch Medium 1 patch for cooling and reducing fever.

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