The five essential emergency tools in the car

The convenience of the car is obvious to all, but the car can not avoid some trouble when driving on the road for a long time, this time, we need some emergency tools to ensure that the car can drive forward for a while before reaching the repair shop, so we should prepare some water, food or emergency supplies in the car when we travel. I learned from the old driver, no matter what kind of car, the trunk must always put these five emergency tools.

First, a powerful flashlight. This tool must be carried with you, because we can not predict what kind of failure will occur in the car and when it happens. Once the car breaks down at night, a powerful flashlight is very important, if we can fix this car, he can illuminate us, if we can’t fix this car, we can use him as a distress signal.

Second, the car fire extinguisher. Whether it is an old car or a new car, there is a possibility of spontaneous combustion, the car will not have some signs to tell us before spontaneous combustion, if we ignore the car spontaneous combustion, then the car will probably will be burned to ashes and we will face some economic losses. If there is a car fire extinguisher, the situation is different, when the car smoke or sparks appear, can timely extinguish the fire and reduce property damage.

Third, car pumps. Roads are public and any type of car can be driven on them, yet there are so many industries in China and trucks carry different goods, perhaps some vehicles have metal objects like nails on them. If something is lost during transportation, the car behind will be damaged and once he is punctured by a sharp object, the broken tires will deflate and the pump will come in handy in this case.

As long as we use the air pump to adjust the tire pressure back to normal tire pressure and support us to find a service area or repair shop. It must be noted that the air pump is not suitable for large trucks, because in this case very likely, resulting in insufficient pressure and dangerous.

Fourth, Jack. Many people do not have the habit of observing the tires before driving at high speed, long time use of tires is part of the intimate contact with the ground, wind and rain, sun and rain, inevitably will make the tires produce some cracks. If we continue to use the tires in this case, when we can not reach the village in front of the store, we will have to replace the spare tire with a jack on the deserted highway.

Fifth, connect the wire or car charging battery. Usually, older drivers always have two large wires or vehicle rechargeable in their cars, because if the car is not used for a long time, then the battery will be very serious, so in this case in the middle, vehicle rechargeable and wiring can be used. I want to know if you always have these five emergency tools in your car? Have you ever encountered car trouble in the process of using the car?

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