The application of the jack in production practice

In production practice we often encounter some will be heavy objects such as machine tools, bulky boxes, underground tracks, etc. in the absence of lifting equipment to move or lift, only by manual operation is very difficult. This time you need to use the jack, so what are the applications of the jack?

1. in the field of construction applications of the jack mainly steel strand jack, loose card jack, penetrating jack, cover bracket balance jack, prestressing front card jack, prestressing tensioning jack, narrow space small tonnage jack, etc.

2. in the automotive transport maintenance sector applications of the jack are spiral jack, hydraulic jack, inflatable jack and many other types.

3. in the medical and health sector applications have X-ray knife mechanical trimmer jack.


Climbing hydraulic jack, this jack is particularly suitable for the lifting of giant petrochemical equipment. As the name implies, the climbing hydraulic jack is used to lift equipment by climbing upward along its climbing bar. This type of jack is easy to use for safety and lifting operation.


Steel strand type hydraulic jack, steel strand type hydraulic jack work, to lift the amount of equipment connected to the steel strand, the use of jack piston and cylinder along the relative movement of the steel strand and the alternate clamping and loosening of the upper and lower gripper lowering, driven and automatically controlled by a special hydraulic station and control system to achieve multiple jacks synchronized lifting, in order to achieve the overall lifting of large equipment.

Telescopic sleeve hydraulic cylinder type jack, such a jack consists of several sleeve cylinder, that is, the cylinder body is equipped with several sets of pistons, when the cylinder is filled with hydraulic oil, the sleeve cylinder upward section by section, and the equipment will be jacked up.


Through the heart of the round steel jack, through the heart of the round steel jack commonly used in civil engineering professional slipform construction, also used for equipment lifting, now mainly used for cylindrical storage tank backing construction.


Hydraulic jack in the lifting industry is a very mature tool, the application is also very wide, in the major engineering industry is not the only these, there are many of us have not seen the hydraulic jack of the engineering class. We just need to know a little bit about it.

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