TDL94-8450S 5T Electric Bottle Jack

ALTERTOOL Manufacture 5 Ton 12V Road Emergencies Impact Wrench Electric Jack Impact Wrench Car Jack Repair Tools Car Jack
  • Jack & Inflater weight4.8kg
  • size35*16.5*16cm
  • Wrench weight1.5kg
  • size23*8*20cm
  • Blowcase size:38.5*36*19cm
  • G.Weight:9.1kgs per set
  • Package:1set/blowcase,3sets/ctn
  • Packing size:49.5*36.5*34.5cm


The Electric Bottle Jack is based on the working principle of a hydraulic system and uses electric drive to generate torque to lift and lower the vehicle.


Powerful lifting capacity: The Electric Bottle Jack can generate powerful torque and has a large lifting capacity, making it suitable for a variety of models, including small cars and large vehicles such as SUVs.

Easy operation: The operation of the Electric Bottle Jack is very simple. You only need to press the corresponding button to complete the lifting and lowering operations, which improves work efficiency.

Safe and stable: Electric Bottle Jack has a sturdy and durable structure, and the base is wide and stable to ensure that it is not easy to tilt or slide during use. In addition, it is equipped with a safety valve and overload protection device to ensure the safety of users and vehicles.

Versatility: In addition to the lifting function, Electric Bottle Jack is usually equipped with additional functions such as LED lights and air pressure gauges to help users operate in dark environments and monitor vehicle tire pressure in real time.

How to use

Find the correct lifting point: First, you need to find the appropriate lifting point for the vehicle. You can refer to the vehicle manual or consult a professional.

Place the Electric Bottle Jack: Place the Electric Bottle Jack on the lifting point at the bottom of the vehicle, ensuring that the base maintains smooth contact with the ground, and check that the base is secure.

Lift the vehicle: Press the power button, then press the lift button, and the Electric Bottle Jack begins to raise the vehicle. During the lifting process, pay attention to observe and ensure that the vehicle is stable. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the vehicle.

Lower the vehicle: When you need to lower the vehicle, just press the lower button and the Electric Bottle Jack will automatically lower the vehicle.

Storage and maintenance: After use, store the Electric Bottle Jack in a timely manner and keep it properly. Clean, lubricate and maintain it regularly to ensure the performance and life of the equipment.

Product Details

High torque wrench

Easy tire change

Intelligent digital display air pump

Preset tire pressure, automatic stop when full

LED lighting

Changing tires at night is safe and convenient

Hidden air pump

Quick inflater

What models is the Electric Bottle Jack suitable for?

Electric Bottle Jack is suitable for various models such as cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. It generates powerful torque and achieves fast and stable lifting through the hydraulic system, making it easy to handle both small and large vehicles.

How high can the Electric Bottle Jack be lifted?

The lifting height of Electric Bottle Jack depends on different models and specifications, and can generally reach 15-45 cm. Before purchasing, customers can choose the appropriate model and specifications according to their needs.

How to maintain Electric Bottle Jack?

Electric Bottle Jack requires regular maintenance, which mainly includes cleaning and lubrication. When cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth and do not use detergents containing acidic or alkaline substances to avoid damaging the surface coating. An appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be used during lubrication to avoid excessive lubricating oil entering the interior of the motor.

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