TDL94-8450 5T Electric Bottle Jack

Factory price 12v Dual-function Small Electric Car Hydraulic Bottle Floor Jack With Wrench For Sale

Jack details:

  • Max capacity: 5Ton
  • Stroke: 13.5-36cm / 15-45cm
  • Rated current: 15A
  • Input voltage: DC12V
  • Carrying weight: 3T/ 5T
  • Rated power: 150W

Inflator pump details:

  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Rated power: 120W
  • Maximum current: 15A
  • Air volume: 35 l/min
  • Maximum pressure: 150psL
  • Wrench torque: 350N/M
  • Qty for 20:1218sets
  • Package: 1set/blowcase, 3sets/ctn
  • Package size:37*19*36cm


As a modern vehicle maintenance tool, the electric jack provides convenience to car owners

1. Functions and features
The electric jack is a jack based on electric drive. Compared with the traditional manual jack, it has the following significant functions and characteristics:

Powerful lifting capacity: The electric jack can generate powerful torque through electric drive, allowing it to easily jack up the vehicle. Whether it is a small car or a large vehicle such as an SUV, it can be easily handled.

Convenient and fast operation: Traditional manual jacks require manual rotation of the handle to achieve lifting, while electric jacks can be completed by pressing a button. This not only saves labor, but also greatly improves work efficiency.

Stable and reliable structure: The electric jack is made of solid materials and has good stability and reliability. Its base is wide and stable, ensuring that it is not easy to tilt or slide during use, effectively ensuring the safety of users.

Multifunctional design: Electric jacks are usually equipped with auxiliary functions such as lights and air pressure gauges to facilitate users to operate in dark environments, and can monitor the air pressure of vehicle tires in real time.

2. How to use
Using an electric jack is easy, just follow these steps:

Locate the jack contact point of the vehicle and place the electric jack at the appropriate location on the bottom of the vehicle.

Make sure the base of the electric jack is in steady contact with the ground and check that the base is secure.

Press the lift button on the electric jack to start raising the vehicle. During the lifting process, you should stay focused to ensure safety.

When you need to lower the vehicle, just press the lowering button and the electric jack will automatically lower the vehicle.

After use, store the electric jack promptly and keep it properly to ensure its safety the next time it is used.

Product Details

Thickened plastic box

It can be used as a warning triangle, and the Velcro design on the back prevents the trunk from running around when it is laid flat.

Handheld design

Widen handle, convenient and easy to carry

LED lighting

Provide convenience for changing tires at night and accurately locate the working point

Does the Electric Bottle Jack require regular maintenance?

The Electric Bottle Jack is a mechanical device and requires regular maintenance. It is recommended that inspection and maintenance be performed at least once a year. When maintaining the Electric Bottle Jack, it is necessary to clean and lubricate the hydraulic system, check the condition of oil seals and sealing rings, and replace damaged parts in a timely manner.

What models is the Electric Bottle Jack suitable for?

The Electric Bottle Jack is suitable for most car models, but you need to choose the right model and load capacity based on the weight of the car and the size of the tires. When using the Electric Bottle Jack, be sure to understand the weight of the car and the size of the tires, and choose the appropriate model and load capacity based on the actual situation.

Can the height of the Electric Bottle Jack be adjusted during use?

Yes, the Electric Bottle Jack can adjust the height through the hydraulic system. This is usually done by pressing a button or turning a handle. Please check the product manual for more information on height adjustment before use.

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