TDL94-7450 5T Electric Bottle Jack

Portable Electric 5 Ton Automatic Car Floor Lift Jack Kit Repair Tool for Road Emergencies and Car Repairs From ALTERTOOL

Jack details:

  • Max capacity:5Ton
  • Stroke: 13.5-36cm / 15-45cm
  • Rated current: 15A
  • Input voltage: DC12V
  • Carrying weight: 3T/5T
  • Rated power: 150W

Inflator pump details:

  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Rated power: 120W
  • Maximum current: 15A
  • Air volume: 35 l/min
  • Maximum pressure: 150psL
  • Qty for 20:1218sets
  • Package: 1set/blowcase, 3sets/ctn
  • Package size:36*19*25.5cm


The Electric Bottle Jack is an advanced hydraulic jack that is popular in automotive repair, industrial production and other fields for its efficiency, convenience and safety.
Electric Bottle Jack uses hydraulic principles to lift heavy objects. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and convenience, strong load capacity, stability and safety, multi-functional application, lightness and portability.
When using the Electric Bottle Jack, please be careful to follow correct operating procedures and safety precautions to ensure your safety and the normal operation of the device.

Product Details

Anti-slip cross groove design

Anti-slip cross groove design

Freely adjustable starting height

Aluminum alloy bottom plate

Widened design, more stable and safe

Imported steel wire pipe, all copper joints

No heat or short circuit, safe and reliable

What is the load capacity of Electric Bottle Jack?

Generally speaking, the load capacity of Electric Bottle Jack can reach 2-20 tons. When purchasing an Electric Bottle Jack, you need to choose the appropriate model and load capacity based on your specific needs.

Is the Electric Bottle Jack easy to operate?

The operation of the Electric Bottle Jack is very simple, just press the switch of the electric pump. The speed and height of lifting and lowering can be controlled through the operating buttons of the control system.

What models is the Electric Bottle Jack suitable for?

The Electric Bottle Jack is suitable for most car models, but you need to choose the right model and load capacity based on the weight of the car and the size of the tires.

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