TDL94-5450 5T Electric Bottle Jack

ALTERTOOL Factory Directly Supply Electric Bottle Jack 5 Ton Multi-Functional Electric Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Jack details:

  • Max capacity: 5Ton
  • Stroke: 13.5-36cm / 15-45cm
  • Rated current: 15A
  • Input voltage: DC12V
  • Rated power: 150W

Inflator pump details:

  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Rated power: 120W
  • Maximum current: 15A
  • Air volume: 35 l/min
  • Maximum pressure: 150psL
  • Qty for 20:1218sets
  • Package: 1set/blowcase, 3sets/ctn
  • Package size:36*19*25.5cm


The Electric Bottle Jack is a hydraulic jack driven by electricity, which provides an efficient, convenient and safe solution when lifting heavy objects. This advanced tool plays an important role in automotive repair, boat maintenance, and industrial fields, providing users with a more convenient work experience.

First of all, electric bottle jacks are efficient and convenient. The electric bottle jack uses a motor to drive the hydraulic system to achieve rapid lifting and lowering. Users only need to easily press the button or operation key on the remote control to complete the lifting process, which greatly saves time and energy.

Secondly, electric bottle jacks offer excellent stability and safety. The design of the hydraulic system makes the lifting process smooth and vibration-free, ensuring the stability of the lifted object. At the same time, the intelligent protection device can ensure the safety during use. This safety guarantee makes the electric bottle jack a reliable assistant for users when handling heavy objects.

In addition, the portability of electric bottle jacks is also favored by users. The jack is compact and easy to carry and store, making it ideal for use in emergencies. Users can easily place it in the trunk of their car or in their boat locker, ready for emergencies.

Finally, there are safety issues to be aware of when using an electric bottle jack. Users should read the product manual carefully before operation, operate it correctly and avoid overload use, ensure the stability of the jack and the lifted object during the lifting process, and regularly check and maintain the normal working condition of the jack.

Product Details

Easy operation switch

Powerful inflatable tube


What are the advantages of an electric bottle jack?

Electric bottle jacks offer several advantages. First of all, it is more efficient than traditional manual jacks, saving time and effort. Secondly, it has good stability and the lifting process is smooth and vibration-free. Plus, it’s portable, lightweight, and easy to carry and store. Most importantly, it provides safety protection devices to ensure safety during use.

What scenarios are electric bottle jacks suitable for?

Electric bottle jacks are widely used in many fields. In car maintenance, it can be used to replace tires, repair chassis, etc. In ship maintenance, it can be used to lift the hull, replace the bottom of the ship, etc. In industrial production, it can be used to lift heavy equipment and machinery.

Do electric bottle jacks require maintenance?

Yes, electric bottle jacks require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly. Users should regularly check the condition of the hydraulic oil to ensure sufficient oil quantity and good quality. At the same time, check whether the power cord and buttons are working properly. If there are any abnormalities, please repair or replace them in time. Also, take care to keep the jack clean and dry to prevent dust and moisture from damaging it.

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