TDL94-1450 5T Electrical Bottle Jack

Factory Direct Sales Electric Car Bottle Jack 5Ton Inflator Camping Emergency Escape Tools Electric Jack for Car without Wrench
  • Max capacity: 5Ton
  • Stroke: 13.5-36cm/15-45cm
  • Rated current: 15A
  • Input voltage: DC12V
  • Rated power: 150W
  • Package: 1set/blowcase, 3sets/ctn
  • Package size: 54.5*36.5*25.5cm
  • G/N.W.:6.1/7.1kg(1set)
  • G/N.W.:18.3/21.3kg (1ctn)


During the car maintenance process, the jack is one of the indispensable tools. Although traditional hydraulic jacks can meet basic needs, they are cumbersome to operate and require constant manual pressure to achieve the lifting effect. The electric jack can realize automatic lifting through electric drive, saving time and effort, and improving efficiency and safety.

1. Basic concepts and principles of electric jacks
Electric jack refers to the automatic lifting and lowering of the jack through an electric motor driving the hydraulic system. During operation, you only need to press the button or remote control to easily raise and lower the vehicle to reach the height and angle required for vehicle maintenance. In addition, the electric jack is also equipped with an intelligent protection device. Once it is overloaded or other abnormal conditions occur, it will automatically stop working to ensure safety during use.

2. Application of electric jacks in automobile maintenance
Replacing Tires: Replacing tires is one of the most common operations performed during car repairs. Using an electric jack makes it easy to raise the vehicle, making the tire replacement process more convenient and faster.
Chassis Repairs: Chassis repairs require the vehicle to be raised for inspection and repair. Using an electric jack can quickly raise and lower the vehicle, improving maintenance efficiency.
Replacing the brake pads: Replacing the brake pads requires removing the tires. Using an electric jack can quickly raise and lower the vehicle to facilitate replacement of the brake pads.
Other maintenance operations: In addition to the above-mentioned applications, electric jacks can also be used in various other maintenance operations, such as replacing fuel tanks, adjusting suspension, etc.

As a new type of automobile maintenance tool, the electric jack has the characteristics and advantages of convenience, stability, wide application range, and compact size. It is widely used in automobile maintenance processes and can improve maintenance efficiency and safety.

Product Details

Anti-slip cross groove design

Anti-slip cross groove design

Emergency safety valve

Emergency safety valve
Low temperature antifreeze

Low temperature antifreeze


Car cigarette lighter

Car cigarette lighter

Aluminum alloy bottom plate

Aluminum alloy bottom plate
What is the difference between an electric bottle jack and a traditional hydraulic jack?

The working principle of the electric bottle jack is similar to that of the traditional hydraulic jack, but the electric bottle jack has an electric drive system, which can control the lifting and lowering of the jack through buttons or remote control, saving time and effort. Traditional hydraulic jacks require manual pumping to lift.

 What are the advantages of an electric bottle jack?

Convenient and fast: The electric drive system makes the lifting and lowering process easier and faster, saving time and effort.
Good stability: Using a hydraulic system, the lifting process is smooth and vibration-free, ensuring the stability of the lifted object.
Lightweight and easy to carry: Compared with traditional hydraulic jacks, electric bottle jacks are compact and easy to carry and store.
High safety: Equipped with intelligent protection device, it can automatically stop working to ensure safety during use.

 What scenarios are electric bottle jacks suitable for?

Car maintenance: used for tire replacement, chassis repair, brake pad replacement and other operations.
Boat Maintenance: Used to lift boats for inspection, repair or maintenance.
Industrial use: Used to lift heavy objects, mechanical equipment or adjust the height of the workbench.

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