TDL76-8450S 5T Electric Bottle Jack

TDL76-8450S 5T Electric Hydraulic Bottle Jack 2 in 1 set and Wrench for Car 


● Min.Height:250mm

● Lifting Height:130mm

● Adjust.Heigh:50mm

● Max.Height:380mm


Higher Stability and Safety】Our electric jack flat wtit tooth design,has a heavy-duty thickening steel plate,whole anti-oxidation painting body,which is anti-rust, wear-resistant.Large base for larger contact suface and compact triangle design for extra stability,reinforced solid screw rod makes the electric car jack will not easily be torn apart or twisted.

Perfect For Car】Two-way power supply(Battery clips with 12V DC outlet or car cigarette lighter) in case of failing to use when one of the power source is unstuck.Just push button controller with long enough line, plugs into car 12 volt power outlet

Simple Operation】Our scissor lift jack set is a necessary car repair tool whenever faced with a roadside emergency. It takes as short as 2 minutes to reach maximum height (35cm),change your tire with ease.

Professional Double-Purpose Tool Box】: All the electric jacks are equipped with a powerful, firm suitcase, which helps keeping the components and parts well organized, and conveniently fits in your vehicle.By the time, it can also act as a road sign when you stand it behind the car, just for fear of the unexpected accident.Please use our product in a plat ground.2T  35CM Electrical Scissor Jack for car

Product Details

All-copper movement

All-copper movement, powerful motor, energy-saving and safer

Warning triangle

The packaging can be used as a warning triangle

Dual mode power taking

In addition to the 12V voltage device, it is also equipped with a battery power supply to realize 2 ways of driving.

How does Electric Bottle Jack operate?

Simply plug the bottom of the jack into an electrical outlet and use the buttons or switches on the control panel to control the jack’s raising and lowering. Make sure to read and follow the product’s instructions carefully before operating.

What is the load carrying capacity of the Electric Bottle Jack?

Different brands and models of Electric Bottle Jack have different carrying capacities. Before purchasing, be sure to review the product specification sheet to ensure its load-bearing capacity meets your needs.

Is the Electric Bottle Jack suitable for all types of vehicles?

Electric Bottle Jack generally fits most cars, SUVs, and light trucks. However, for heavy commercial vehicles or other special types of vehicles, a more powerful jack may be required. Make sure you choose the appropriate jack for your needs.

How to maintain Electric Bottle Jack?

It is important to maintain your Electric Bottle Jack to ensure its safety and performance. Inspect and clean the jack regularly to make sure there is no build-up of dirt or damaged parts. When storing, keep the jack in a dry, clean, and safe location and avoid exposure to extremes of temperature and humidity.

Does the Electric Bottle Jack have safety features?

Yes, most Electric Bottle Jacks are equipped with safety features. These features may include overload protection, controls to protect against overheating, emergency stop buttons, and more. However, to ensure safe use, follow the safe handling recommendations provided in the product instructions.

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