TDJ94-1430W 3T Electric Scissor Jack

3T Auto Scissors Lifting Car Jacks Electric Lifting Equipment with Manual Wrench
  • Max.Capacity:3Ton
  • Rated power:120W
  • Operating Voltage:DC 12V Max Current:18A Stroke: 12-35cm
  • Package:1set/blowcase, 4cases/ctn
  • Packing size:55*44*27cm
  • Blowcase size:44*13*26cm
  • Wrench specification: Net weight: 0.98kg
  • Sleeve:2pcs(17/19-21/23mm )
  • Max Length: 45cm, Min. Length: 31cm


As an efficient and practical lifting tool, the 3-ton electric shear jack has been widely used in various fields due to its precise and stable performance. Whether it is vehicle repair, light machinery maintenance, or household use, it can provide safe and reliable lifting solutions. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the characteristics and advantages of the 2-ton electric scissor jack, allowing you to better understand this excellent lifting tool.
1.Electric drive:Compared to traditional manual jacks, our electric scissor jack uses an electric drive system that provides power through an electric motor, making lifting and lowering operations more convenient and efficient. Users only need to press a button or switch to complete the lifting and lowering process.
2.Efficient lifting capacity:Electric scissor jacks typically have high lifting capacity and can easily lift heavy vehicles or objects. Its lifting capacity is 3 tons, suitable for various workplaces that require carrying heavy objects and lifting.
3.Safety guarantee:Our electric scissor jack is equipped with various safety devices, such as overload protection and automatic shutdown function. When the rated load is exceeded, the overload protection device will automatically stop working to avoid possible unexpected situations. These security measures ensure safety during use.
4.Stability:Our electric scissor jack is designed to be stable and sturdy, usually equipped with stable support feet and anti-slip design to provide better stability and safety. This allows for maintaining balance during the lifting process, reducing the risk of tilting and sliding.
5.Versatility:Our electric scissor jack is not only suitable for vehicle maintenance, but also for lifting work in various occasions such as home maintenance, industrial fields, and construction. It has a wide range of applications and can meet the needs of different users.

6.Portable:Our electric scissor jack is made of lightweight materials, which are relatively lightweight and easy to carry and store. Our electric scissor jack is also designed to be foldable, making them easy to place in the vehicle’s trunk or toolbox for use anytime, anywhere.
Conclusion: The 3-ton electric scissor jack, with its powerful lifting capacity, safe and reliable design, precise and stable operation, and multi scene applicability, has become an ideal lifting tool. Its emergence provides users with more convenient and efficient lifting solutions, which can play an important role in both daily life and professional work. Choose a 3-ton electric scissor jack to make lifting easier and faster!

Product Details

The max overhead protection device,stop automatically once exceed the limit of lift is more easy and safe.

12V super motor it can work once connect with the car cigarette lighter

Main axostyle length is 13mm,adopting thread screw transmission is more powerful and stable

Flat tooth design makes freater surface,it is more srable

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