TDJ94-1420A 2T Electric Scissor Jack

CE ISO Standard Portable Mini DC12V 2T Electric Scissor Car Jack for Quick Repair Tools Kit
  • Max. Capacity:2Ton
  • Stroke: 12-35cm, 17-42cm
  • Input voltage: DC 12V
  • Rated current: 15A
  • Rated power: 100W
  • Package:1set/blowcase, 4sets/ctn
  • Blowcase size: 44*13*26cm
  • Packing size:55*44*27cm


As a modern lifting tool, electric shear jacks are widely used in various fields due to their convenient and efficient characteristics. Whether it is vehicle maintenance, home maintenance, or industrial construction, it can provide users with safe and reliable lifting solutions. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the characteristics and advantages of electric shear jacks, allowing you to better understand this ideal lifting tool.
1.Powerful lifting ability: The electric scissor jack is famous for its powerful lifting ability. Equipped with a lifting capacity of 3 tons, it can easily handle the lifting work of various heavy vehicles or machines. Whether in emergency rescue or maintenance, it is capable of carrying out important tasks and providing users with an efficient and convenient operating experience.
2.Safe and reliable design: Safety is a major highlight of electric shear jacks. It adopts multiple safety protection devices, such as overload protection and automatic shutdown function, to ensure the avoidance of unexpected situations during use. In addition, stable support feet and anti-slip design provide better stability, ensuring the safety of users during lifting.
3.Efficient and convenient operation: The electric drive system of the electric shear jack makes the lifting and lowering process more efficient and convenient. Users can easily complete the lifting operation by pressing a button or switch, without the need for manual force. This greatly saves time and energy, and improves work efficiency.
4.Suitable for multiple scenarios: The electric shear jack has a wide range of applications. Whether in vehicle maintenance, home maintenance, industrial fields, or construction, it can demonstrate excellent lifting capabilities. Not only can it be used for the maintenance of vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, but it can also be applied in fields such as home decoration, mechanical equipment installation and debugging.
5.Lightweight and easy to carry: Compared to traditional manual jacks, electric shear jacks are more lightweight and portable. It adopts a compact design, which is convenient for users to carry and store. Whether in the trunk of the vehicle or in the warehouse, it will not occupy too much space.
Conclusion: The electric scissor jack has become an ideal lifting tool due to its powerful lifting capacity, safe and reliable design, efficient and convenient operation, and multi scene applicability. Its emergence provides users with more convenient and efficient lifting solutions, which can play an important role in both daily life and professional work. Choose an electric scissor jack to make lifting easier and faster!

Product Details

easy connected to a 12V outlet

connection jack and the power also can be power by car battwey line of the smoke detector

the saddle of the electric car jack

Press UP means jack

can also be a wireless remote operation

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