Summer with the car to pay attention to these points

Summer has arrived, the temperature in many places has been as high as 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature in the southern region has even reached 35 degrees Celsius, the weather is a torment to go out, we can blow in the house with air conditioning, but our cars can not enjoy such comfortable treatment.

Sometimes also subject to the ravages of heavy rain, so the summer with the car need to be more cautious, whether it is maintenance or use aspects need to be extra careful, otherwise it is easy to accidents, today the old driver to share with you some small experience in the summer with the car, the summer with the car to pay attention to these points, the consequences of a slight inadvertence is very serious.

First of all, the first point to note is the tire pressure, tire pressure determines the degree of tire wear, because the summer is hot, due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, in the summer when the high temperature tire pressure will be high, and the temperature of the road is also very high, plus the tire and road friction for a long time, the temperature of the tire will be higher, tire pressure once too high is easy to burst tires, especially when pressed to hard objects, so that the summer with the car has to pay attention to tire pressure, the old driver recommends that you adjust the tire pressure slightly lower, otherwise a little carelessness is easy to accidents.

The second point to pay attention to is to prevent water, generally speaking, it often rains in summer, and the amount of rainfall is very large, often heavy rainfall, so that the road will be a lot of water, especially in the more potholes, so that when the summer with the car must do a good job of waterproofing, cars try not to park in low-lying places, or near the tunnel entrance, or the roof will easily be submerged, but if the The car was flooded, or the car was forced to turn off in the water, this time do not start the vehicle again, or the water will enter the throttle, by then the whole engine will be scrapped, if you really encounter this situation, you must call for help in time.

The third point to note is not to place flammable goods in the car, this is also a very important point, we must bear in mind that the summer temperature is particularly high, and the car is a closed environment, especially the black color of the car, it will absorb heat, if the car is placed flammable goods, it is easy to be ignited, then the whole car will catch fire, and even cause an explosion, so the summer car must be careful, a little carelessness is easy to accidents, like fireworks, alcohol, lighters, perfume, etc., these are best not to put in the car.

Summer with the car must pay attention to these points, which is also very important, a little carelessness may be an accident.

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