Summer cleaning car tips

One: Can I wash my car often?


The answer is no, similar to the southerners and northerners, the southerners are to take a bath every day, while the northerners are not, because the temperature is different, the climate is different and other reasons, so it leads to different habits. And car wash is the same as the northerners, can not wash diligently, easy to destroy the paint surface oxidation, resulting in damage to the surface of the car, so can not often wash the car, a week to clean a good. The above is the cleaning car method introduced for you by the editor of Haver Lubricant.

Two: Can I wash my car with rainwater?


You can’t wash your car with rainwater, because rainwater contains some acidic substances, which will easily lead to the damage of the surface of the car. If we encounter heavy rain during driving, we should wash the car with water when we come back to prevent some acidic substances from damaging the surface of the car. There are also harmful substances such as tree gum and bird droppings that can easily cause damage to the surface of our cars, so if the surface of the car contains these harmful substances, we should clean and wash it in time.

Three: Can the car be rinsed directly with a high-pressure water gun?


You can’t use a high-pressure water gun to rinse directly, because the surface of the car may contain some particles, and the process of rinsing may cause these particles to rub against the surface of the car, resulting in scratches on the surface of the car. We should use a soft sponge to scrub it once.

Scrub the particles off the surface of the car, and then you can use a high-pressure water gun to rinse it. When washing the car, we should pay attention to the fact that different car parts should use different cleaners, such as: washing the body must use the cleaner for washing the body, and washing the car glass must also wash the cleaner for washing the car glass. Different types of parts have different types of cleaners, you can’t use one cleaner to clean many different parts.

It is important to note that after washing the car glass, you need to dry the car glass with a clean towel and not put the car in the sun to dry. Because in the cleaning process there will be some harmful ingredients left on the glass, so we need to dry with a clean towel, if these harmful impurities have been left on the car glass, it will produce some damage to the car glass.

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