Several tools necessary for those who maintain motorcycles

People’s quality of life is getting higher and higher, and they feel that they can spend money to do anything, but for motorcycle riders, it’s common to have greasy hands! This is because when one’s motorcycle needs maintenance or modification, one always feels that it is most reliable to do it oneself, although it doesn’t cost much, but motorcyclists enjoy the process! So, since we decided to do it ourselves, of course, we need a few tools to take advantage of. In this issue, I will make a summary of several motorcycle tools necessary for motorcyclists, I hope it can help you!

First, container for used oil


Changing oil by yourself is something that every motorcyclist should have done. When you unscrew the oil bottom screw, the used oil will flow out. Some people, in order to save time, directly let the waste oil stay on the ground, and finally covered with sand and soil. And some people, because of the oil pan is not smooth, and finally made the car, full of oil stains, especially the oil flowing to the ground, it is difficult to clean up later! Motorists should prepare a container of used oil. I often use is the stall 5 yuan a small stainless steel basin, the height is just right! Finally, the waste oil into a beverage bottle, sent to the community around the car repair place, to their disposal!

Second, the chain oil


Some motorists think: “chain oil is superfluous, just brush the chain with used engine oil”, but if you do not brush the chain evenly, later dumped everywhere, especially the oil stains on the top of the hub, so people look very uncomfortable! At this time, if you have a bottle of chain oil at hand, spray a thin layer onto the chain, which is beautiful and practical, why not do it? In fact, chain oil is not just for chains, when you feel that the throttle line, clutch line is not smooth, spray some chain oil can also be the perfect solution!

Third, Motorcycle starting bracket (parking frame)


Nowadays, motorcycles generally do not have a large support, so it is very inconvenient for motorcyclists to maintain their motorcycles, for example, the most simple chain oil, you need to lift the car and turn the tires to spray evenly; the same is true when changing the oil, it is common to get down on one knee! At this time, if you have a special starting bracket, all these problems will be solved!

Fourth, sleeve


If you don’t have a few sleeves at home, you can’t say you’re a motorcycle player! This is the norm. Take me as an example, I have the oil sleeve, the chain sleeve, the front and rear wheel sleeve, the tap sleeve, and other common sockets at home.

Fifth, Service Manual


I found that many motorists bought the car, the original service manual will be thrown away. Do not underestimate this booklet, when you are confused to remove the car shell, a look at the service manual, will make you clear! In fact, the service manual, some simple disassembly and maintenance are detailed records, you should save it, maybe later it will help you!

Sixth, tire pressure gauge


This tool is believed to be the standard for many motorists! In the past, people for the measurement of tire pressure, only a few hand pinch, or kick a few feet to estimate, but not very accurate. If you use a tire pressure gauge to measure, at least the data will not be faked, the heart is also more secure some! If you do not know the standard tire pressure of the front and rear wheels, please read the manual that comes with the car, there are detailed instructions!

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